Well, Damn…

Days left until NoVA Open Day 1B: 12

So as a Resistance main, I’ve bemoaned the lack of viable options and the odd points adjustments for years. Whatever the Rebels have, we get but it’s more expensive and not quite as good. Ships like Resistance Han really have no purpose, and for some reason every list seems to need a Pod or Transport to be viable. You all know the drill by now.

This is me, except a few less wrinkles…

However, are times changing? Resistance just made it into the Top 8 at Gencon, without using a Pod. In fact, of all the Resistance lists at GenCon this year (and there were far) more than I was expecting, I saw only two Pods (both Finn) and one Transport (Cova). Is the time of the Pod over? Have Resistance finally matured into a faction that is competitive? If so, how?

Apparently these guys are good!

The Resistance Y-Wing (technically the BTA-NR2 Y-Wing) seems to have shaken up the game; initially derided by many people (including me), it really seems to have found its time in the sun. If you’re into heavy-hitting Alpha Shenanigans, Zorii Bliss with Wartime Loadout, Proton Torpedoes and either R4 Astromech or a Dorsal Turret is only 5pts. However, it’s the non-Wartime builds (henceforth known as “Peacetime Loadout”) that really seem to have captured the imagination of Resistance (and non-Resistance) players. And it took me losing to Ryan Staniszewski (yes, that Ryan Staniszewski) on the Hexiled Gaming stream and the following discussions for me to take another look at this incredibly capable little ship.

I first experimented with a 5-ship build that had Nien, Temmin, Kaz, Wilsa, Shasa; it was a lot of fun and had a lot of mobility once I realised that the key to loving the Y-Wing was the boost -> calculate, but I felt it lacked the aggressive punch required to take on larger ships. After a bit of tweaking, I dropped Kaz down to Yeager as a cheap Missile carrier and used that extra point to replace Nien with Commander Poe with Torpedoes.

Poe Dameron (HoH)
Heroic, Ferrosphere Paint, R4 Astromech, Integrated S-Foils, Proton Torpedoes

Temmin Wexley
Heroic, Advanced Optics, R6-D8, Integrated S-Foils

Jarek Yeager
Concussion Missiles, Overtuned Modulators, Targeting Computer, Kaz’s Fireball

Wilsa Teshlo
Ion Cannon Turret, L4E-R5, Bomblet Generator, Engine Upgrade, Targeting Computer

Shasa Zaro
Tierfon Belly Run, Ion Cannon Turret, Concussion Bombs, Engine Upgrade, Targeting Computer

Shasa and Wilsa could easily both be replaced by C’ai, whose ability I might even remember, but I do enjoy having a list with Initiatives of 3456; C’ai has 1 more LV than Wilsa which would allow him to take something other than Bomblets (another Concussion Bomb?), and being I2 might make him a viable blocker?

After finalising the list, I decided that Yeager needed his own ride to distinguish him from Kaz. Shapeway to the rescue! I was uncertain whether I’d be keeping him (and to be honest I’m still wondering), so I went with the cheapest option and here is the result – very grainy but not a terrible model and reasonably fun to paint. Pretty sure it’s out of scale though as it’s slightly larger than a T-70…

If I keep using Yeager, I might invest in a better quality print that takes up less space…

So far I’ve embarrassed myself on Hexiled Gaming at least twice with this list, but gone 3-1 in person in two different tournaments. Coming in third and fourth respectively. Which means that the list works, surely?

Against larger ships with low agility, the Ion Cannon Turrets can really ruin someone’s day.

So I’m eight in-person games in, and I’ve noticed there is a growing trend – Poe needs to get stuck in fairly early-on to be effective but is far less capable of getting out of trouble than his Flyboy version; Temmin is still pretty great, and Yeager is a liability when his Overtuned Modulators usage backfires, which it has in every game I’ve used it but one – I think I need to tweak his loadout so that I use him more as a flanking/capture piece, maybe? False Transponder Codes are an option for some I5 jam shenanigans, or I could ditch the missiles as well and go for Contraband Cybernetics, Advanced SLAM, and Heroic or something? I feel that further hampers the offensive potential of the list though…

If this had been Kaz vs Obi, the Jedi might not have limped away on 1 hull…

Then there’s the Y-Wings: they both have abilities so situational that they’re basically blank, and though they have a decent LV, there’s always more you want to throw on them. I’ve got to learn to be very careful with Shasa’s Concussion Bombs, as I think they’re a great surprise that first drop, but after that can be as much of a risk to my own ships as my opponent’s… Do I just save myself the trouble and switch it out for Proton Bombs?

As someone who never used devices of any kind from Wave 1 of 1.0 through until about a month ago, who would have thought I’d be agonising over bomb choices two weeks before a big event?

As I’m now apparently sold on the XXYYF format, and not having the disposable income for a third Y-Wing at this point or any options to practice with a different list, I’m locked in for NoVA despite believing that the Poe/4Y and Poe/Kaz/3Y options are better lists. The question is, do I return to the original list which has less punch but more reliable ships in the form of Nien and Kaz rather than Commander Poe and Yeager, or do I stick with what I’ve currently got more experience with? Or do I bite the bullet, take the risk, and replace Yeager with another Y-Wing?

What are your thoughts? I’m really happy that I’ve found a viable Resistance list that might do well competitively, but I’m also really annoyed that it took this long for me to accept it! I guess that’s the downside of only flying what you know and love, you miss out on the other options…

Also, sidenote: when will the Resistance B-Wing and VC-123B Transport come out? I want to field an Epic list that looks like this:

Epic Goals!

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