Out With The Rogue, In With The New!

Good Evening and Happy Halloween Everyone!

For the first time in a few weeks, I’m not going to bore you with tales of my (mis)adventures with Phil’s E-Wing list. Today I want to talk about the end of a era for me, and the start of what I hope will be a new dawn for my X-Wing career.

Waaaaaaaay back in 2013, I decided it might be fun to repaint my T-65s in the colours of Rogue Squadron from the book “The Bacta War” by Michael Stackpole. In the book, Rogue Squadron operate as a rogue unit (ironic, huh?) which meant they painted their fighters in schemes that were important to them. For example: Corran Horn’s fighter remained green, Wedge repainted his in the colours of his late parents’ refuelling station, Tycho Celchu copied an Alderaanian Home Guard colour scheme, and Ooryl’s was a masterpiece if you could see in the Ultraviolet range (otherwise it was white).

I was quite happy with my results, which I have spoken about in a previous entry, but I’d like to remind everyone just how they looked before I continue:


Fast forward to a week or so ago, so five years later. The X-Wings have been stripped down and re-Rogue-ed once about a year or so ago, but 2.0 is out, and I have twelve T-65s and three dials. No matter what way you look at it, those numbers simply don’t match up. The decision to sell the models I wasn’t using was easier than I thought: yes I was attached to the models, but people were doing newer and better paint jobs (Rodent Mastermind did back in 2013, and more recently I provided local(ish) painter Omer with the source material I used so he could do the same for his blog), and I was satisfied with the knowledge that mine might not have been the best, but I’d done themĀ first.

So…what to do? First I stripped down all of my ships with an air eraser, which is a fun but somewhat messy way of stripping models. There’s no chemical smell afterwards and no danger of melting your models, but you’ll be washing sand out of your hair for a while if you aren’t careful. The T-65s I was selling were primed black and sold through Facebook, which left me with four – one more than I had dials for, but I can always source another dial when/if I need it. Now I had four naked T-65s, stripped to bare plastic, and no idea what to do… Until I was watching Macross: Do You Remember Love? and realised that the protagonist squadron, aka Skull Squadron, had four fighters in it. Four fighters with a paint scheme that was unified but still differentiated between pilots. Unlike my T-70s, which were based upon the characters from the original Macross series and were therefore very bright colours and under-individual, these actually looked like they belonged in the same unit.

Here is an example of how two fighters look in the movie:

Simple, right? Mostly white/light grey with black markings and coloured trim.

I started by priming the models with Vallejo Grey Primer, something I’d never used before. It works quite nice and brushes on easily, though I think from now on I’ll airbrush it to ensure smooth and even coverage. Next I applied a basecoat of Vallejo Wolf Grey, which is a touch bluer than I wanted, but served as an effective basecoat when washed liberally with Nuln Oil. Following the wash, I started laying the basecoats for the black and coloured areas.

Once the basecoats dried, I layered the white areas with Vallejo Ghost Grey and line-highlighted the edges with Citadel White Scar, while the black areas were highlighted with Citadel Mechanicus Standard Grey. The cannons were painted with pure Citadel Leadbelcher, while the engines and mechanical workings were painted Citadel Warplock Bronze and then drybrusghed with Citadel Ironbreaker. The cockpits, which may need lightening up, were painted with Citadel paints The Fang and Russ Grey.


The Finished Article!

They aren’t perfect, they need a little more work, and the lighting in the photo has washed out the white somewhat so you can’t see detail, but they’re different and they areĀ done. I gave each model a spray with Purity Seal to ensure my grubby fingers wouldn’t mark the white, and I’m looking forward to seeing them actually on the table!

Of course, with those done, I wondered what else I could adapt this colour scheme to…


I said I wasn’t going to bore you with E-Wings, I LIED!

I’ve really enjoyed getting back into repainting X-Wing Miniatures! I haven’t painted anything since probably around April, so this was a nice experience and makes me want to finish repainting the rest of my collection so that it is uniform yet unique (when I decide what I’m painting next…)

Thank you for indulging me and my average-at-best painting skills! Usual service will resume as of my next article!

Regaining my Hobby Mojo!

Hello there boys and girls!

Many apologies for not updating his blog sooner, but university is hectic and my last few planned blog projects have turned out to be epic failures so bad that not even the deepest darkest depths of places like 4chan should be exposed to them!

Anyway, my hobby had kind of died recently. Every time I picked up a brush, pair of clippers or codex I just felt…bored. I needed a new challenge, but with no money to buy more models, that challenge was unattainable…

Until an opportunity dropped into my lap!

A new Games Workshop opened in my home town, and the manager needed some help finishing the intro models. I decided (selflessly and bravely) to relieve him of the burden of the High Elves, which are lovely models and I relished the chance to paint!

The problem was, I only had two days to complete them…

Still. I’m always up for a challenge!

I was detailed to paint the bases The Fang and drybrush them Praxeti White. After that I had free reign on colours. I did not want to go traditional blue, as that would blend with the board too much. Let’s see what I came up with:



The models were sprayed white when I received them. This did not work for what I wanted to do, so I re-sprayed them black.




The infantry started with a Leadbelcher basecoat followed by a Mithril Silver drybrush and a wash of Asurmen Blue. The cloak, banner and plume started off with Waagh Flesh and was layered Warpstone Glow before being treated to a wash of Baal Red. The gems were simply painted Mephiston Red.

For the Mage, I followed the same basic principle except his white cloak was basecoated Dheneb Stone before being layered Ceramite White and washed with an extremely watery Badab Black.

The Prince on Griffon was a challenge, as I have very rarely painted feathers…



The Griffon’s feathers were basecoated Scorched Brown and drybrushed Vermin Brown then Karak Stone before being treated to a wash of Seraphim Sepia. The hindquarters, beak and feet were painted Dheneb Stone and treated to two washes of Ogryn Flesh. The Prince himself was painted in the same fashion as the troops.

I’m not quite sure how, but I managed to paint the whole lot between 2.30pm Wednesday and 5pm Friday while also attending college and working on an assignment while the paint dried! I am very happy with them, as is the manager of the new store, which opened Saturday!

That is all for this week’s blog entry. Here are some pictures of the completed product just before they were delivered on Friday evening for you to browse until next time:






Defenders of the North – The Grey Company

Hi there guys and girls!

So I’ve missed a few blog entries, and I apologise! University has a way of sapping away all free time, and the free time I do have is inevitably used trying to figure out what to build or paint, rather than writing blog posts!

Well today I have some things to show you!

I was persuaded (it didn’t take a lot) to finish my Grey Company force for Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. I didn’t put a lot of work in, the models are painted to a very basic gaming standard, but I think they look good enough for my needs!

I started out with The Three Hunters to represent a grittier Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, the newer Halbarad and Grey Company models (now sadly out of production) and finally the armoured Elladan and Elrohir models.

The army was painted using dark greens and browns, with grey on the cloaks. I even applied this scheme to the normally blue-and-gold twins (I would hope High Elves would be smart enough not to wander the forests in bright gold!!) This simplified the scheme, lowered the amount of different paints used, and gave the force more visual cohesion on the tabletop.

I leave your opinion of the quality of these models to your own judgement, they still need basing but for the most part they’re ready for the tabletop!

Without further ado, I present to you the Grey Company,







Elladan and Elrohir:


Halbarad with The Banner of Arwen Evenstar:


Rangers of the North:




The Grey Company:


That’s all from me for now. I shall be posting updates more regularly now I’m better settled into college (I hope!)

Until next time!

January Hobby Update #2

Before anyone asks, no I have not done any work on the Javelins, the Rhinos or my Hobbit models as I am still firmly in the grasp of flying stand-fever!

I started painting yesterday, armed with four pots of Zandri Dust, four pots of Karak Stone, four pots of Seraphim Sepia and two pots of Ushabti Bone – I was confident I had enough, though several others decided I would run out of paint within spitting distance of my objective, and only after the local store closed!

So, did I make it? I apologise in advance for the quality of these photos, my light isn’t what it used to be and taking photos with my iPad for direct-to-blog upload while illuminating the model with my iPhone is neither easy nor dignified!

Primed and ready for painting:


First layers of Zandri Dust:


Highlight layer of Karak Stone:


Final highlight layer of Ushabti Bone:


Wash of Seraphim Sepia:


Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that in the final photo, the crashed Valkyie is painted. This came after discussions with several other hobbyists about what colours would contrast both with the black of the Thunderhawk, and the sandy-white/beige of the base and buildings. Eventually I decided on Word Bearers, and the crashed Valkyrie now belongs to Chapter Serfs or Cultists or…something!

Scab Red basecoat:


Red Gore layer:


Detail work of Mephiston Red, Warplock Bronze/Golden Griffon, and Abaddon Black/Leadbelcher:


The base still needs the detail work done, I’m thinking Mithril Silver to keep with the lightness of the colour palette used, but that will be the focus of my next entry. For now, let’s see how it looks with the Thunderhawk on, shall we?



Now…I’m no expert, but I think I’ve done rather well so far!

Keep your eyes open for the final update sometime in the next few days, then back to some kind of normalcy!

January Hobby Update #1

Hey there guys and girls, sorry for the delay but things have been rather un-inspiring hobby-wise recently and I got absolutely bugger all done!

However, that changed today when I decided to get some hardcore hobby done!

Unfortunately, it had absolutely nothing to do with my hobby calendar! It was sometime after lunch that I began this project, and completed it at roughly 10pm GMT with a bad back and a thoroughly-watched Netflix account.

For the project I was about to undertake, namely, a rather large flying stand, I needed some supplies!

To start, I needed the base:


Then something to file down the veneer on top of the base:


Something to put on the base:


And finally something to make it stick:


I’d drawn up a plan for the base, which I then promptly threw out the window and decided to simply be creative.

I decided the base would include a Valkyrie that I’d built with dodgy glue and was already falling apart, so I ripped the model to pieces, and with a mix of hot glue and No More Nails, stuck the now-crashed flyer to the centre of the base. Then I built the first layer of wall, which I tried to get as square as I could without it joining up on the fourth wall:


The next layer was simpler, as I simply had to follow he first as a guide. I realised I’d made a slight boo-boo when the square second level had a gap in between it and the layer below the edges not lining up closely. However, after an ingenious application of a piece of sprue, the gap disappeared! Magic!


After dinner, I moved to the third level, using the second as a base. To get the parts to line up better, and remain rigid, I ran lengths of sprue down the inner walls to hold the two levels together.


Finally, I added some detailing around the roof. I had originally intended the base to be even bigger, but I began to very quickly run out of bits! I’d used almost an entire Imperial Sector on os one base! I carefully placed the floor on the roof to make it look like it had collapsed in e middle, conveniently allowing the top of the stand to poke through.


I am aware that if I’d gone for a Perspex rod, I would not have needed to faff about with his huge building, but I’m glad I did! In my opinion, it looks pretty damn epic!

Because you asked so nicely, here’s a picture of the Thunderhawk on the recently-dried base:


I’m going to wait until the building has set fully before putting sand on the base, and maybe shore up the walls and make sure the Valkyrie doesn’t move before I spray paint anything. Hopefully it will look good when it’s done!

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

Betrayal! By My Own Timekeeping!

First, I would like to apologise to you loyal readers for the month break. In that month, some stuff happened, followed by a small crisis, which in turn led to an event…which led us here…

Also, I’ve been preparing to start my degree in September!


On the 24th and 25th of August, the Warhammer World Events Team are running a Horus Heresy event focusing on the betrayal at Istvaan III. The event is four games: 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 (not in that order) played over two days, and like all other Warhammer World Events, promises t be amazing!

I really wanted to go, but there was a problem: I do not have an Istvaan III army. I have a post-Istvaan V Raven Guard army in full Corvus-pattern (Mk6 or “Beakie”) Armour…

The problem went away, however, when I read the little bit of text in the event pack that said you could take any Legion you wanted. Brilliant!

Then I had to figure out a list and paint it. After several weeks agonising over a Drop Pod army that despite its effectiveness I’d have hated using, I decided on a more fast-moving Infantry based army (no spoilers yet!) List ready, ticket and hotel booked, it became time to build and paint my force!

Fast forward a few weeks, and a few test games that didn’t go my way but were still thoroughly enjoyable, we arrive at today – 1.15am on the 15th of August…D-Day minus 9…

I am so, SO screwed!

I had hoped to be nearly done by now, but mucking about with my list and waiting for some last minute components to arrive has put me vastly behind schedule, to the point that the army might be painted, but not weathered by the time we leave…

To give you an idea, here is my kanbanflow.com project sheet, which details just how far up the creek I am, and how far behind me I left the paddle…


So you can see, I’m beginning to feel the pressure…

On the plus side everything in the “To Paint” section is base-coated and highlighted so they only need detailing before they go into the “To Base” section. Details and bases, I want to do I large batches, though, and let’s be fair… I can do that the night before the event… I CANNOT afford to be building that night!

Aside from a short stint in the garden doing some weeding tomorrow, I plan to spend the entire day glued to a Painting Station working on my army! If you are at Bluewater Shopping Centre and hear someone loudly cursing Mechanicus Standard Grey, do not be alarmed – it is only me! (Though you may wish to hurry to Games Workshop with a bottle of Pepsi, or things will get ugly!)

I will post an update, hopefully with finished models, either tomorrow (or later today now, I suppose), or Saturday! I WILL finish this in time!

Wish me luck boys and girls! I need it!

“You Missed A Bit!” – Finelining

Fine lining has been, and I think always will be the bane of many a painter. Technically it is as simple as layering (it is layering, just finer) but in terms of actually doing it, can be as maddening as blending, or time consuming as unwarping resin.

So why is it such a chore? Why do so many people hate it so? Simple answer – because for so many people, it is the ONLY way of highlighting. A blended Space Marine looks GORGEOUS when painted properly, but your average gamer might not have the time or ability to attempt such a feat – leaving a choice (ignoring getting someone else to do it) of fine lining, or leaving it alone (which looks cack!)

As I said before, the idea behind fine lining is pretty simple: get a small brush, and trace the edges of the model/panel/armour plate that you’ve just done in one colour, then add a finer line of a lighter shade over the top, and done!The reality is different. VERY different! Fine lining requires a lot of patience and a steady hand to just ensure the first highlight goes on properly, let alone the second and/or third to really make a model stand out!

I have neither of these, so as you can imagine, for a long time my models remained un-highlighted and gathering dust in their sad state of just being black. Not any more. Since doing my Harakoni Warhawks (Imperial Guard) a few months ago, and highlighting each individual Valkyrie panel separately, I decided that maybe, just MAYBE I should go back and revisit my Raven Guard. Besides, the Thunderhawk needs love too, and that I HAVE to highlight somehow!

Enter the Nephilim Jetfighter, something with literally a billion panel lines. Several hours later, the panelling was done in a very rough coat of Mechanicus Standard Grey, followed many hours later by a thin line of Dawnstone on the very edge. The reason this relatively simple process took so long was twofold: the sheer amount of lines I had to highlight with a small brush to ensure no massive mishaps, and the little fact that after an hour or so fine lining REALLY screws with your eyes!


This is why you need a steady hand, the base highlight has gone a little wonky and as such, the Dawnstone went a little wonky, too! My lack of patience was a contributing factor here, too, as I could’ve slowed down and taken my time, but no, I hated the experience so much for its soul-destroying, cramp-inducing, eye-ruining tedium, that I maybe rushed it a little. However, looking back, I can see that doing it has made the model look a LOT better!


I know it still needs tidying up (and finishing) but the magpie struck so I started working on one of my Storm Eagles (neatly, this time!) That was soon followed by both of my Dreadnoughts. I want to repaint the armour on my Infantry before I start highlighting those. Even then, I have a whole load of Marines to paint, so I’m going to be working on them for a while!

At least they aren’t painted white, I suppose… Or Tau, that’s an awful lot of fine lining there…

It occurs to me that this blog hasn’t been exactly singing the praises of fine lining, but this isn’t to mean it isn’t a valid and useful (or necessary) technique for painting models. I just don’t like doing it. In my case, it’s a necessary evil, but that is just me.

I will leave you with a few helpful hints to help you on your own fine lining adventures:

– Keep your brushes neat and tidy, hairs rolled into a point will give a much better edge than hairs splayed out all over the place.
– Only use a small amount of paint at a time, this is more time-consuming but a lot more worthwhile in the long run.
– Ensure adequate lighting, if the room is too dark, the colours might seem to blend together, or you might pick the wrong shade and ruin the effect.
– Take regular breaks. I recommend this for painting anything, but because of the sheer amount of concentration required and the strain you can put on your eyes, take a ten minute break every hour or so (exactly like they recommend for video games!)
– Just take your time. Rushing won’t help you finish faster, and you’ll just have to correct your mistakes later on!

I hope this entry has been at least a little bit informative. My next entry will be dissecting the new Tau Codex, which should be fun!

Got something to say? A question to ask? Email me at theramblingwargamer@gmail.com. Also check me out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RamblingsOfAWargamer.

Thanks for reading! Until next time!