Throne of Skulls Day Two – And He Ain’t Gonna Jump No More!

Game #4 – vs Grey Knights

Mission: Scouring

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil (1st)

Night Fight: Yes

Warlord: Divide and Conquer

Turn 1: Everything opens up on the Dreadknight, but a 2+ save and Night Fighting only allow one wound to be caused. In return the Knight barbecues a Veteran with a Grenade Launcher.

Current Score: 6-2

Turn 2: Reserves all arrive, the Valkyries shower the Inquisitor and Retinue, killing the squad and reducing the leader to one wound. First Blood to me, then! The Knight is wounded again, but not killed.

In return, the Dreadknight kills the Astropath and Command Autocannon team. The rest of the Knights are still walking forward trying to get into range or running for objectives.

Current Score: 7-5

Turn 3: Flying over their original targets, my Valkyries and Vendettas seek other targets. The Valkyries kill 3/5 Grey Knights on one objective, while one of my Vendettas does the same to a different unit. My final Vendetta, in a stunning display of overkill, vaporises the Eversor Assassin with three Twin-Linked Lascannons.

Unfortunately, my luck is starting to get a little iffy. The Dreadknight is killing Veterans faster than I can wound it, and they begin to fall back off the objective toward my board edge.

Current Score: 5-5

Turn 4: One Vendetta burns off the board, while the fleeing Veterans rally and skillfully (or luckily) bring down the Dreadknight with a Krak Grenade. The Vendetta that remains finishes off the two remaining Knights on their objective, leaving it open for me later in the game. Switching from their original target, the Valkyries hunt down and destroy a full 5 man Strike Squad.

The second Veteran squad behind my Aegis suffer some casualties from the Purgation Squad just crossing into my DZ, and flee. Command Squad is gunned down, leaving only the wounded Captain hiding in the ruined building.

Current Score: 5-0

Turn 5: Aircraft all drop into Hover mode for objective-grabbing fun. Flamer Vets drop from their Vendettas and between them kill two Paladins. The Valkyries mow down three Purgation Marines. The Paladins then flee.

The Paladins regroup (surprise) and charge the Flamer Veterans, who kill another with Overwatch and then draw combat. One Vendetta is immobilised, but in Hover Mode so it’s not dead…yet… (I’d have charged the Valkyries with the Paladins for an easy Secondary Objective, but oh well…

Current Score: 9-0

Turn 6: Mobile Vendetta rotates 180 degrees and burns down the Inquisitor who is cowering in a forest. The Veterans in combat manage to kill a Paladin before fleeing from combat and my opponent throws in the towel.

Final Score: Win by default.

Conclusion: I was really worried when I saw the army on the board. Five man squads, a Dreadknight, an Inquisitor and two Assassins. Naturally I feared the worst and assumed that the Dreadknight had a Teleporter and the five man units were Purifiers and Crowe was just hiding… Turns out I was wrong… no Teleporter, no Purifiers…

My opponent made a few mistakes, several of which meant I had perhaps an easier time of blowing chunks out of his army than I should have. He was a really nice guy though, and gave me his best game vote, saying it was the game he’d enjoyed most all weekend. I don’t think I’d’ve done that if I’d been so thoroughly trounced, but hey, he enjoyed himself and that’s what matters!


Game #5 – vs Chaos Space Marines

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire

Deployment: Dawn of War (2nd)

Night Fight: No

Warlord: +1 Reserves (Forgotten Trait name 😛 )

Turn 1: Stuff moves towards each other, some long-range shooting but entirely ineffective at this point.

Current Score: 6-0

Turn 2: Terminators disembark from their Land Raider and charge two Squads. Dirge Casters are mean and under-pointed. One squad holds their ground, but the other flees off the board.

Reserves arrive, the Vendettas manage to kill a Maulerfiend and pull the Power Fist off the Hellbrute while the remaining Veteran Squad flee off the board.

Current Score: 4-1

Turn 3: Terminator Lord charges and challenges Captain, who survives combat but runs away screaming afterwards.

Veterans drop from aircraft to capture more objectives, but I’m not holding out much hope here. This is going to get messy…

Current Score: 7-2

Turn 4: One Vendetta is destroyed and my Veterans are all shot and/or assaulted off their objectives. In revenge the remaining Flamer Veterans kill the majority of a squad of Khorne Berzerkers and wreck their Rhino.

Current Score: 5-4

Turn 5: The sun has set on the battlefield…

One Valkyrie goes boom, taking several Veterans and Berzerkers with it. Chaos Lord then Spawns himself. Normally, since my opponent didn’t have the model, I’d say he was dead – but I’m losing anyway, so I might as well let him 😛

My remaining Veterans, all two of them, shoot and charge the two Khorne Berzerkers on my home objective. They survive the Overwatch, but not the Champion’s Chainaxe… chunks of Guardsman are still falling from the sky to this day!

Final Score: 9-1

Conclusion: First, this guy had lost all four games until this point, and I felt really bad as his army was absolutely gorgeous! (If you look on the Warhammer World Facebook Page, his is the World Eaters army with a pulpit on his Land Raider.) He was a really nice guy, and though I got completely battered in the end it was still a hard-fought game that could have gone either way for the most part. It also secured me a second best gamer vote, so I’m doing something right!


Final Thoughts

Last year, I came home from Throne of Skulls with a very bitter taste in my mouth. My Raven Guard had been battered and bloodied, and in some cases defiled. The same happened this year, but I think either my attitude towards winning and losing has changed, or because my army looked pretty damn cool (to me, anyway), I just didn’t care how it did.

Either way, I had a lot of fun at this event! Five really great games against five really great guys! Big thanks to all of them, and to the Warhammer World Events Staff, Bugman’s Bar Staff, Cafeteria Staff, and the guys at the Warhammer World Store for making the event such fun!

Also big kudos to those from our team who walked away with awards, including the Throne of Skulls Trophy!

Stay tuned for the video diary coming in the next post!

Panic and Madness!

You guessed it folks, after my solemn oath to myself that I would get this army done with plenty of time before the event, I’ve kinda fallen behind schedule. WAY behind!

When I started this project, the number of models was by no means small. Bearing in mind my Sanguinary Guard army is twenty models at 1500 points, the fact this army weighs in at 67 infantry, 4 aircraft and an Aegis Line puts the count at almost four times that. In a rather cocky moment, I must admit, I said I could get it all built, painted and playtested before the event.


So far, I’ve painted 39 of 67 infantry, got the majority of the aircraft done barring weapons and crew, and the Aegis Defense line has yet to even make an appearance.

“So what? You have all week!” I hear you cry. Well, yes, I do… except the list hasn’t been playtested AT ALL! I’m going to Nottingham in a little over three days now (it’s 1am GMT Tuesday morning currently) and I’m still only perhaps three-quarters of the way to being finished! I forsee a lot of late nights ahead of me!

Anywho… I have decided that while Forge World models are fun, they should never been done to a deadline as mistakes can be (and often are) made, with devastating consequences (in this case, rectified with pins thank God!) Also, fine-lining each panel on the Valkyrie kit is a PAIN IN THE ARSE! It really makes the model pop, though… Despite the coolness, I do think the process has sent me quite mad!

Also also, I have decided that although I abandoned the original white and red scheme for something less time-consuming (though not by much!), I will still be doing the promised shark-mouth decals on the aircraft. They would be ready now, except for a near-fatal lack of Ceramite White, so they shall have to wait until tomorrow! Pinup girls were considered (very) briefly, but I don’t think such things would be appropriate for Warhammer World, so shark mouth it remains! I might add the eyes at a later date, but that’s not important currently.

It’s getting late and my eyes are broken, so I’m leaving you with a WIP picture of a Vendetta as it currently sits on my desk:

I shall name her “Gummy” until tomorrow!

Until my next update, I leave you with a single word that sums up my sleep-deprived, overused brain…


Update the third! With picture!

So I promised you all an update the moment I finished my test model, and here he is. He’s still lacking arms, but it gives you an idea of what I want my guys to look like (note the equipment packs and pistol holster making him look a little more Veteran-y).DSC01034The red needs washing down a little, perhaps darkening the base colour. I’m quite happy with the bone armour, though. It’s been suggested I do the detail work in a dark blue, I’ll see how it looks when I glue his arms on.

Ooh! Also! I settled on a list with a few minor variations to the original to give me some more anti-horde dakka, as I have a funny feeling I’m going to be facing more Zombies than are in any movie I’ve ever seen!

Company Command Squad: Vox, Autocannon, Astropath, Power Fist (Captain), Carapace Armour
Veteran Squad 1: Sniper Rifle x3, Autocannon, Vox, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 2: Sniper Rifle x3, Autocannon, Vox, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 3: Meltagun x3, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 4: Meltagun x3, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 5: Grenade Launcher x3, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 6: Grenade Launcher x3, Grenadiers
Valkyrie Squadron: Valkyrie x2, Multiple Rocket Pods x2, Heavy Bolters x2
Vendetta Squadron 1: Vendetta x1
Vendetta Squadron 2: Vendetta x1
Aegis Defense Line: Comm Relay

The addition of Carapace Armour to the Aegis Line Squads makes me feel a lot better, as it means if someone comes along with a Flamer or six, I have a chance at keeping some stuff alive. Obviously Heavy Flamers or Flamestorm Cannons will still ruin my day, but that’s the risk I’m going to have to take. At least the army’s going to look cool as it burns! Hopefully I’ll get enough holsters and pouches together this week to finish getting the models undercoated so I can at least assemble the Special Weapons and get some playtest games in before Christmas (fat chance!)

At least everything is mostly built now… and my list is finalised…

It’s going to be a race to the finish… no matter how hard I try to get these things finished in time, it’s always down to the wire!

Another Update!

Hello again boys and girls, and welcome to a solvent-fume inspired update on my Imperial Guard!

The Hostile Environment kits arrived from Forge World on Thursday, spent Thursday and Friday nights being cleaned, and the torsos went onto legs yesterday. Today I’ve spent the entire day putting torso+leg combinations onto bases and getting them all sanded. This has taken me almost all day in a badly-ventilated room (too cold for window open) while drinking far too much Pepsi for my own good, and watching 1960s/70s British Comedy all day. Suffice to say, I’m very glad I’m done and can take a breather (in a different room, of course!)

So now my progress stands at sixty Imperial Guardsmen partially assembled, four aircraft mostly assembled (barring weapons and crew) and an Aegis Defense Line still to source (I’m sure I still have one somewhere!)

Tomorrow I plan to get the bodies undercoated and painted, before working on the weapon arms seperately, and adding them once the torsos are finished. I don’t really look forward to pinning each and every individual arm, but I didn’t do it on my Raven Guard and those bloody things are falling apart almost all the time! This army I’m doing well and properly, and it’s going to look awesome even if it kills me! I think I’m settled on a paint scheme (having now changed my mind twice!) – Scab Red fatigues (or closest equivalent) and Bone armour. It looks pretty nifty on the infantry models (will upload test piece tomorrow), but I’m not one-hundred percent on how to transfer it to the aircraft. It’s been suggested Bone with Red chevrons, Red with Bone chevrons and other such things.

I’m worried ther Valkyries may turn out like Clone Gunships from Star Wars, like this:

That might not be so bad, actually…

I guess we’ll wait and see… who knows? I might change my mind again before tomorrow…

I’ll have an update up later this week with my progress 🙂


Well boys and girls, it is time to reveal my big surprise project for Throne of Skulls!

I will be taking an Imperial Guard army, though with a difference. Long-term readers will know I once did Elysians, and I could continue with these (maybe one day I will), but I’m going to have a little bit of a change and do something a little different. This is not to say that I won’t be fielding a stupid amount of Valkyries, but the theme will be a little different – I’ve decided to base the force around around the Imperial Navy, both in aircraft and personnel. Armsmen, Marines, Naval Special Forces…not entirely sure…but I think they’re going to look really cool!

So first, the list:

Company Command Squad: Vox, Lascannon, Astropath, Power Fist (Captain)
Veteran Squad 1: Sniper Rifle x3, Lascannon, Vox
Veteran Squad 2: Sniper Rifle x3, Lascannon, Vox
Veteran Squad 3: Meltagun x3, Demolitions, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 4: Meltagun x3, Demolitions, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 5: Grenade Launcher x3, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 6: Grenade Launcher x3, Grenadiers
Valkyrie Squadron: Valkyrie x2, Multiple Rocket Pods x2, Heavy Bolters x2
Vendetta Squadron 1: Vendetta x1
Vendetta Squadron 2: Vendetta x1
Aegis Defense Line: Comm Relay

Company Command and Squads #1 and #2 hide behind the wall. Squads #3 and #4 ride in the Vendettas, while #5 and #6 in the Valkyries or deploy behind the wall depending on opponent. All being well, the reserves turn up on a 2+ with a reroll on turn 2.

All going badly, I auto-lose turn 1 😛

On to the models themselves:

My plan is to use the Forge World Hostile Environment Cadians, as they’re quite sturdy (more than the Elysians), look really cool, and are sufficiently different from the bog standard Cadians to be noticeable. The paint scheme should help make them even more distinctive. I might not win best army, or indeed any games, but I intend to turn some heads!

The paint scheme I’ve decided upon is the same paint scheme the US Navy had on VF-111 aka “The Sundowners”. Off white/grey fuselage and wings, with a sun emitting rays of light in red on the tail. Add Shark Mouth and Nose Art as required.

To give you an idea, here is a photo of a Sundowners F-4 Phantom that I will be using as a reference:

I think it’ll certainly be a lot brighter than most armies you see! As for how I’ll paint the actual Guardsmen…well…we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, shall we?

Well…that’s enough information for now! I’ve got two Valkyries built, now I need to get on with the Vendettas! I’ll post progress as and when I make any! I still need the Forge World bits to arrive, and decals/transfers for the big NAVY stamps that will be plastered all over the aircraft 😛

Next issue: maybe some progress! 😛