Return to The Ravenspire – New Kayvaan Shrike

It has been…a long time since I played a game of 40k. Too long. 8th Edition may be the simplest and most fun ruleset the game has ever had, dispensing with the over-complicated rules that bloated 6th and 7th Editions and replacing them with simplified versions that allow each army/unit’s own specific rules to be published in their own Codices and errata-ed in a much cleaner way.

So why haven’t I played in a while? Well, I made the mistake of going to the first 8th Edition Throne of Skulls something like a month after the game was released, and had an overall “meh” time – when one pays £60 for a ticket, however much for a hotel, and travels over 100 miles to play in an event, something more than “meh” is what I expected. So my Raven Guard went back into the box to gather dust and reminisce about the good old days of 5th Edition, the Heresy-specific models that weren’t Corax went on eBay, and I focused on my Wanderers army for Age of Sigmar – the models were more fun to paint (they weren’t all black), I’d found some OoP models on eBay that made my army 100% female, and I just enjoyed the way the game played more.

Then I moved to the USA, and finding a game of either is a pain in the behind! Fortunately there’s a large X-Wing community, and several of those players also play Kill Team, so I’m not totally devoid of GW-based interaction, even if my local Warhammer store is in the next State over.

So what brought me back to 40k? Well, truthfully, it was the new Phobos-armoured Primaris Marines – they just feel like they’d be a good fit in a Raven Guard army. Infiltrators? Good. Reivers? Good. Eliminators? Also Good! Suppressors not so much, but I can work with those models when the time comes. I’d considered purchasing some of each primarily to engage better with the local Kill Team crowd, and to practice my painting (which has atrophied somewhat in recent months – X-Wing ships aren’t particularly labour-intensive to repaint), but it was the announcement from NOVA that dragged me back towards 40k as a whole; even though it’ll be a slow process given how expensive the models are in this country!

There’s a new Shrike coming!


Old (3rd Ed? 4th?) Shrike. Still have mine, somewhere!

Old Shrike was a serviceable model; he had the Lightning Claws, he had the Jump Pack and the Grenade Launcher, and he fit nicely with any converted models that made up Shrike’s Wing (I miss that unit!). Unfortunately as things progressed, he started to look his age; the change to Finecast did him no favours, and Games Workshop did him a disservice when, after promoting him to Chapter Master in the Damocles Campaign, he retained his Captain’s statline. Early 8th Edition was a bad time to be Shrike.

Now, however, our overlords at Games Workshop have given him the Primaris Treatment alongside good old Marneus Calgar and Shrike’s White Scar Battle Buddy Kor’sarro Khan. The bandages come off, the mirrors come out, and we are given:


Shrike 2.0!

I have conflicting thoughts about this model. First, why is he helmetless? Ignoring the emo combover entirely (though I guess that’s now officially the Raven Guard’s “thing”); this is the man who once dove head-first into a Valkyrie’s engine to stop it taking off, why on earth is he not wearing his helmet? He’s just asking for that head to be liberated from those shoulders! Second, he’s very…busy. While I love the ammunition pouches and bandoliers across his chest, I’m not 100% sold on the massive Jump Pack with all of those extra manoeuvring jets and steering vanes. On the other hand, this isn’t the best angle to show him off from, and seeing the model in person is always the only accurate way to judge – as we know from the Storm Raven waaaay back when.


Looking at the other images posted, I start to feel better about the model as a whole; there’s a lot of detail here, the designer has really put the effort in and made excellent use of the larger model; the helmet dangling from the belt is the first Primaris Beakie we’ve seen, though I imagine it’s no larger than a standard Mk VI helm; the empty holster and feather talismans are both nice touches, as are the extra ammunition pouches on the back of the belt. The poster on the wall I can take or leave, I’m not a good enough painter to make that work properly, but I’m glad it’s there for expert painters who want to really show off their skills.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how the new model looks; there are changes that I’m going to be making; he’ll have a helmet, for one, and I’m not sure I’ll keep the claws on the back of his legs as they look a little odd.

I’ll be getting one, my only hope is that he’s reasonably costed both in points and in $$, that his rules aren’t hidden in some prohibitively expensive expansion book, and that his new Primaris abilities don’t suck.

I’d better get making repairs to my Marines so he actually has an army to lead when he arrives!

Betrayal: The Weekend. Part One – Friday


Here it is…

Part One of our epic journey to Warhammer World to take part in the opening salvoes of the Horus Heresy…

Friday night’s pre-registration filled me with unease. My lists had not done well in test games, and by looking at the lists of other people signing up early, I knew I’d made some fundamental mistakes. It was too late, though, I was registered and my list was handed in. The Loyalist side was stuck with me for good or ill…

Registration done, we sat at he Hobby Bar for a few hours putting the finishing touches on the two incomplete armies, the owners of which shall remain nameless… The painting continued in the hotel, and at 1.30am I put down my brush, said goodnight to the two still-painting chaps, and went to bed.

Saturday morning came sooner than I would have liked. As we gathered in Bugman’s Bar for breakfast and listened to other gamers talking, it became clear that this event was going to be messy… However, the armies all laid out looked fantastic and I made myself a promise: even if I were to lose all four games, I would be gracious about it…so long as the armies I lost to were painted well, and not plastic.

Round one was upon us before we knew it, but before I get into the Battle Reports, I wish to show you our merry little warband’s combined forces:

My Raven Guard:


James’ Emperor’s Children:


Rob’s Salamanders:


Lee’s Death Guard:


Nathan’s Blood Angels:


As you can see, a lot of time and effort was sunk into these projects. As the Game 1 briefing began, the entire hall waited in an awkward silence. Fifty gamers stood, all hoping it would be worthwhile…

In the next post, Saturday’s games! With pictures!

Betrayal! By My Own Timekeeping!

First, I would like to apologise to you loyal readers for the month break. In that month, some stuff happened, followed by a small crisis, which in turn led to an event…which led us here…

Also, I’ve been preparing to start my degree in September!


On the 24th and 25th of August, the Warhammer World Events Team are running a Horus Heresy event focusing on the betrayal at Istvaan III. The event is four games: 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 (not in that order) played over two days, and like all other Warhammer World Events, promises t be amazing!

I really wanted to go, but there was a problem: I do not have an Istvaan III army. I have a post-Istvaan V Raven Guard army in full Corvus-pattern (Mk6 or “Beakie”) Armour…

The problem went away, however, when I read the little bit of text in the event pack that said you could take any Legion you wanted. Brilliant!

Then I had to figure out a list and paint it. After several weeks agonising over a Drop Pod army that despite its effectiveness I’d have hated using, I decided on a more fast-moving Infantry based army (no spoilers yet!) List ready, ticket and hotel booked, it became time to build and paint my force!

Fast forward a few weeks, and a few test games that didn’t go my way but were still thoroughly enjoyable, we arrive at today – 1.15am on the 15th of August…D-Day minus 9…

I am so, SO screwed!

I had hoped to be nearly done by now, but mucking about with my list and waiting for some last minute components to arrive has put me vastly behind schedule, to the point that the army might be painted, but not weathered by the time we leave…

To give you an idea, here is my project sheet, which details just how far up the creek I am, and how far behind me I left the paddle…


So you can see, I’m beginning to feel the pressure…

On the plus side everything in the “To Paint” section is base-coated and highlighted so they only need detailing before they go into the “To Base” section. Details and bases, I want to do I large batches, though, and let’s be fair… I can do that the night before the event… I CANNOT afford to be building that night!

Aside from a short stint in the garden doing some weeding tomorrow, I plan to spend the entire day glued to a Painting Station working on my army! If you are at Bluewater Shopping Centre and hear someone loudly cursing Mechanicus Standard Grey, do not be alarmed – it is only me! (Though you may wish to hurry to Games Workshop with a bottle of Pepsi, or things will get ugly!)

I will post an update, hopefully with finished models, either tomorrow (or later today now, I suppose), or Saturday! I WILL finish this in time!

Wish me luck boys and girls! I need it!

Captain Shrike Flies Again!

Since Sixth Edition was released, I confess I’ve had my doubts as to whether Shrike was worth the 195 points. Instead of Shrike and an Assault Squad, I’ve been running two Plasma Dreadnoughts and a Level 2 Librarian but this was giving the army a very gun-line feel to it. If I’d been playing Imperial Fists, or Iron Hands, this would’ve been acceptable. I, however, don’t play Imperial Fists or Iron Hands, so the Dreadnoughts and Librarians had to go! In their place went Shrike and a 10-man Assault Squad. I was a little apprehensive, as in my experience, Shrike + not charging = dead Shrike.

Going into this game, I desperately hoped that Shrike would actually be of any use.

1500pts vs Eldar

Raven Guard

  • Shadow Captain Shrike
  • 10 Assault Marines (Power Fist/Storm Shield)
  • 2x 10 Tactical Marines (Combi-Melta/Power Fist, Meltagun, Missile Launcher)
  • 2x Razorback (Assault Cannons)
  • 2x 5 Scouts (Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher, Camo Cloaks)
  • 2x Storm Talons (Lascannons)


  • Farseer
  • Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
  • Fire Dragons in Wave Serpent
  • Guardians
  • Rangers
  • Harlequins
  • Warp Spiders
  • Falcon
  • Aegis Line with Quad Gun

Mission: Crusade (5 Objectives)
Deployment: Vanguard (1st)
Warlord: Scoring unit

Turn 1: The Assault Marines and Razorbacks move up the board towards the Eldar objectives. The entire army concentrates its fire on the Eldar Rangers, forcing them to flee off their objective and then off the board.

The Eldar return fire, hampered by bad rolls, manages to shake a Razorback but nothing more.

Turn 2: The Storm Talons fail to arrive. Shrike and the Assault Marines multi-assault a Wave Serpent and the Falcon, destroying both and killing two Fire Dragons and an Assault Marine in the process. The Fire Dragons find themselves pinned, buying the Raven Guard some reprieve.

The Warp Spiders arrive but scatter out of position and destroy the stunned Razorback. The Dire Avengers manage to bring down one Assault Marine.

Turn 3: The Talons fail to arrive once again. Accurate Sniper Fire kills the Shadowseer. The Assault Marines and Tactical Combat Squad (now devoid of Razorback) charge the Harlequins while the other Razorback squad charge the Dire Avengers. The Assault Sergeant kills the Farseer in a challenge, although four of the five Tactical Marines are killed. The Harlequins flee, though the Tactical Squad and Dire Avengers remain locked in combat.

Shrike and the Assault Marines come under concentrated fire, with only a handful of Marines and Shrike remaining alive. The Warp Spides attempt to charge, but fall short by a fraction of an inch.

Turn 4: The Talons arrive automatically. The fleeing Harlequins are gunned down. The Fire Dragons are reduced to their Exarch, who flees. Shrike and his remaining friends charge the Warp Spiders, with Shrike challenging the Exarch and killing him while the Assault Marines carve up the Spiders.

The Fire Dragon Exarch continues to flee while the Tactical Marines run down the remaining Avengers.

Turn 5: The sun goes down, making shooting more difficult. The Snipers plug the fleeing Exarch in the back (as all Eldar deserve to die, running like little girls! The Talons destroy the remaining Wave Serpent, and the remaoiner of the army fires upon the Guardians, slaying all but two, who hold their position. Shrike finishes off the last Spiders, and makes his move towards the Guardians.

It is here that the Eldar throw in the towel, having so little left that even a round of shooting wouldn’t make a dent.

Raven Guard:
4x Objective, First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker – 15
Eldar: 1x Objective – 3


So…yes…that worked. We shall see next time if it was a fluke, I guess. Until then, I shall get back to painting. Expect some more photos soon!

Until next time!

Does this constitute bullying?

So recently, I played a game. 1500pts, same list as I’ve been running for a while… except it was against a small child. I say child, he was 14. I say small…well…pretty much everyone’s smaller than me. Several people will say that using a Forge World model like the Storm Eagle in a game against someone so young is perhaps a tad cruel, and I would agree, except that my opponent liked the look of the model, checked the rules, and agreed to play it anyway. What follows is by no means my finest hour, and if you like your Space Wolves… you might not want to read this…

Game #1 – 1500pts vs Space Wolves w/ Marine Allies

Space Wolf Army

  • Canis Wolfborn
  • Blood Claws
  • Grey Hunters
  • Long Fangs
  • Space Marine Chapter Master
  • Space Marine Honour Guard
  • Space Marine Tactical Squad
  • Space Marine Scouts
  • Stormtalon Gunship

Mission: The Emperor’s Will
Dawn of War (1st)

Turn 1: The opening shot of the game saw a Dreadnought’s Plasma Cannon totally obliterate the Tactical Combat Squad that had been rather unfortunately bunched together directly opposite my Dreadnought. The second Dreadnought and Telion Scouts then promptly reduced Canis to a quivering steaming mess full of holes, the Wolf-rider losing a wound to the Plasma Cannon then a staggering THREE Rending hits AND a Krak Missile. I can’t help but feel that guy desperately needs an Invulnerable Save… or to maybe be put in a unit…

The Space Wolves retaliated by spreading out slightly and moving a little way up the board.

Turn 2: The flyers arrive. I can’t help but think that MAYBE this was a mistake. Then I got alittle generous and had my Librarian use Gate of Infinity to teleport and attack the Long Fangs. He killed one. Meanwhile the Plasma Dreads and the Storm Eagle made short work of the Chapter Master and his Honour Guard while the Scouts kill off the remaining Long Fangs.

The Librarian who so defiantly jumped from the safety of his squad is predictably charged by the Blood Claws. Though he slays two, it is no surprise when he is rather brutally killed. This seemed to cheer my opponent up a little, as it landed him a bonus Victory Point.

Turn 3: The Talons both open up at the enemy Storm Talon, damaging it. The enemy Talon then kills a Tactical Marine, while the Blood Claws assault the Scout Squad. The Scouts lose combat and voluntarily flee.

Turn 4: The friendly Talons kill the enemy Talon and the single remaining Grey Hunter. The Scouts charge the Blood Claws and draw combat against them. Twice.

Turn 5: The Talons and Eagle all engage Hover Mode and pelt the enemy Scouts, wiping them out as Telion batters the final Blood Claw to death with his Boltgun and consolidates rather briskly into the Space Wolf Deployment Zone.

Raven Guard: 
1x Objective, First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker – 6
Space Wolves: Slay the Warlord – 1

I’m not proud of this game, but for all the suffering I put his poor Wolves through, my opponent remained chirpy and cheerful, and actually looked like he was actively enjoying his stuff being slaughtered…whatever floats your boat, I guess…

Game #2 – 1500pts vs Imperial Guard

I hadn’t played Guard with this list yet, so I was both excited and slightly nervous. Guard can put out a scary amount of firepower, and this guy’s list certainly wasn’t lacking!

Imperial Guard Army

  • Straken Command Squad w/ 3 Advisors
  • 3 Sentinels (Indivudal)
  • 2 Infantry Platoons
  • Harker Veteran Squad
  • Medusa

Mission: Purge the Alien
Deployment: Dawn of War (1st)
Warlord: Immovable Object (useful!)

Turn 1: Karma strikes! The Initiative is stolen, the Scouts are killed by Harker’s Vets and the Dreadnought is exploded by several precision Lascannon shots.

The Librarian takes a chance and Gates out of his unit again, this time barbequing Harker and his vets, who then flee.

Turn 2: Harker’s squad rallies, the entire army then aims at the lone Librarian and blow him to small bits. Shit…

The Talons and Eagles arrive. Talons kill a Sentinel and a Heavy Weapons Squad. The Tactical Squad now devoid of its Librarian kill the remaining Veterans. The Storm Eagle in a brilliant display of overwhelming firepower kills a Sentinel and 2 bases of the Heavy Weapons Squad, leaving the third to flee off the board.

Turn 3: The Guard shoot at the dug-in Ravens and inflict a few casualties, but not enough to cause any checks of any kind.

In return, the Tactical Squads kill a Sentinel between their Krak Missiles, while the Talons kill the Medusa and the Eagle lets rip at Straken’s Command Squad, leaving only the Medic alive.

Turn 4: The Platoon Command Squad on my right overheat with three Plasma Guns and flee.

The Talons, unimpressed by that display, then decide enough is enough and spray the fleeing Catachans with Assault Cannon fire while a plucky Krak Missile takes out Straken’s Medic at long range.

Turn 5: The flyers all enter hover mode and spray the dug in Guard with weapons-fire, but nothing is wiped out or flees.

Imperial Guard:
3 Kill Points, Slay the Warlord, First Blood – 5
Raven Guard: 9 Kill Points, Slay the Warlord – 10

It was a rather messy game. The Guard were quite unlucky, though I did feel like I may have lost turn 2 or 3 if my flyers hadn’t arrived. An Infantry-heavy Guard army can put out a seriously scary amount of shooting, especially when you take Orders into consideration.

However, these games have shown me one rather disturbing thing – my army’s turned into a gunline. While it’s maybe 80% effective, it’s not how I want them to play. If I wanted gunline Marines, I’d have painted them Yellow! I do need to modify my list slightly to be fluffy yet competetive, and perhaps minus the Eagle (definitely if I want to go to Throne of Skulls again!) I’m considering Drop Pods, although Rhinos fit too! All I know is, taking Shrike is no longer a 100% certainty… I’m considering Kantor, or if I wanted to be a real sod… Power Armoured Calgar!

I shall return with a new list and new reports soon, but for me it’s back to the drawing board!

Until next time!

Fly My Pretties! Fly!

Before you ask, no, I haven’t gone mad…well maybe a bit…

Last post, I promised some Battle Reports featuring the Storm Eagles. I say Storm Eagles, I mean Storm Eagle…singular…mostly because at 285 points apiece, they’re rather…well…expensive. Admittedly if I didn’t run two Storm Talons too, I could manage it – but the Talons are cheap, cheerful, expensive, and really rather cute. Plus, fielding one either side of the Eagle looked, well, epic!

Shall we see how they did?

Raven Guard Army:

  • Librarian
  • 2x Tactical Squad w/ Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Rocket, Power Fist
  • 1x Scout Squad w/ Telion
  • 2x Dreadnought w/ Plasma Cannons
  • 2x Storm Talon w/ Lascannons
  • 1x Storm Eagle w/ Lascannons

Game #1 – 1500pts vs Orks

Ork Army:

  • Warboss
  • Big Mek
  • Kommando Mob
  • ‘Ardboyz in Trukk
  • Nobz in Trukk
  • Meganobz in Trukk
  • Flash Gitz
  • Deff Dred

Mission: Crusade
Deployment: Vanguard (1st)
Warlord: Legendary Fighter

Turn 1: The two Dreadnoughts stomp forwards towards the Deff Dred. Plasma Cannons knock off a Hull Point, while a Sniper Rifle knocks off a second.

The Orks move forward, the Deff Dred tries to fire its Kustom Mega Blasta, rolls a 1, Overheats, rolls a 1 again, and dies! Oops…

Turn 2: All my flyers arrive (this should be fun!) The Librarian and his Tactical Squad move forwards via Gate of Infinity while one of the Dreadnoughts takes out a Trukk and the Storm Eagle makes a mess of the Flash Gitz mob.

The Nobz, angered by the destruction of the Meganobz’ trukk, charge the Dreadnought and kill it, albeit suffering several (well, two) losses among their own ranks.

Turn 3: One Talon takes out a Trukk and the remaining Trukk is killed by the Tactical Squad hiding in a building. The Storm Eagle swings around and kills a handful of Nobz in revenge for the Dreadnought, and fires its Vengeance Launcher into a squad of ‘Ardboyz…causing 22 wounds on a squad of 11 (including the Mek). Nothing but spare body parts remained in the resulting crater. The remaining Dreadnought then promptly charges in and finishes the Nobz mob.

The Kommandos arrive, and manage to knock one Scout out of his building with shooting. The Flash Gitz (all two of them) charge, one is cut down by a Melta shot while the other runs head-first into the Librarian’s Force Sword and gets decapitated.

Turn 4: The Librarian and Tactical Marines charge the Meganobz while the Storm Eagle swoops in on the Flash Gitz and kills seven out of eight. Only the Nob remains. Two Meganobz are killed for the cost of three Space Marines (go Sergeant!)

The lone Kommando attempts a charge against the Scouts, only to take a Krak Missile to the face, killing him stone dead. (I will point out that this makes my Scout Rocket chappy somewhat of an Overwatch beast, killing James’ Dark Angel Captain two games in a row, and now a Kommando Nob too!) The Warboss and the Librarian, locked in a duel to the death, slugged it out blow for blow. The Warboss’ Big Choppa caused one wound, while the Librarian’s Force Weapon cleaved the alien in two, ending the game!

Raven Guard: 1x Objective, First Blood, Slay the Warlord, 1x Challenge Kill (Warboss) = 6VP
Orks: 0VP

Game 2: 1500pts vs Eldar

Eldar Army:

  • Autarch
  • Warp Spiders
  • Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
  • Fire Dragons in Wave Serpent
  • War Walkers
  • Rangers
  • Guardians
  • Aegis Line with Quad Gun

Mission: Crusade (4)
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil (1st)
Warlord: Tenacity

Turn 1: The Scout Squads weather a lot of firepower from Rangers and Guardians, losing 1 Scout of 6.

Shooting accomplishes bugger all, but the Dreadnoughts charge forward and wreck a Wave Serpent, killing two of the Dragons inside.

Turn 2: Spiders and War Walkers arrive. Supposedly “ballsy” moves are made to ensure the Librarian and his mates are thrown off their objective. Telion and 2 Scouts are killed while both Dreadnoughts explode, killing several Dragons and Avengers on the explosion. The Avengers run away like the pointy-eared wimps they are. The Librarian and his mates weather an awful lot of fire from just about everything in my Deployment Zone, but cling on thanks to their Feel No Pain from the Tenacity trait.

Then the Talons turned up, and did nothing.

Turn 3: The Tactical Squad are all killed off, while the Librarian and Autarch fail to do anything to each other in their challenge.

The Eagle arrives! The Talons wipe out the Dire Avengers while the Eagle takes out some of the Fire Dragons. In their bunker, the remaining Tactical Squad destroy a Serpent and in true Space Marine fashion, the Librarian Force Weapons the Autarch (that’s two characters in two challenges!).

Turn 4: The Librarian kills the remaining Warp Spiders, although one of those is from the remaining Elf failing his Dangerous Terrain roll AND save when fleeing. I also lost a Talon while trying to dislodge the Rangers. Also, the Librarian cocked up his Gate move, and is subsequently killed…

Turn 5: The Talon and Eagle draw a lot of fire, while concentrating on killing the Rangers. The Rangers JUST pass their Ld check, and hold on to their objective as the game ends.

Raven Guard: 1x Objective, Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker = 6
Eldar: 2x Objectives, Slay the Warlord = 7

Both games went rather well, I think. The Eagle certainly proves effective against an army without dedicated AA, but against the Eldar (with their silly cheesy firepower of doom) I was a lot more hesitant and maybe didn’t use it to its full effectiveness. That being said, it’s a 285pt block of “shoot me!” Though it’s cool, that’s a lot of points to sink into a single model (though it boasts near-Land Raider stats). I also can’t use it in tournament play, so I need to figure out what to replace it with.

Overall though, both games were very enjoyable. That Eldar game was one of the closest either I or my opponent have had for a very long time, and I can’t help but think what would’ve happened had the game gone to Turn 6…

As usual I hope you enjoyed reading this article, until next time!

The Pain of Twins!

Now, before anyone asks, I haven’t suddenly become a father twice since my last post! Well…not quite.

I have however, built both of my Storm Eagles, who shall now forever be known as “The Twins”.  Since construction started sometime last Friday evening and through the following Saturday, several less-than-appropriate twin jokes were thrown around by friends and colleagues alike. However, joking aside – the Storm Eagle could well be considered for the following reason: growing up, it’s a pain in the arse! But when it’s grown up it’s amazing and you’re proud of it!

To give you an idea – though I was lucky in the fact there was very little in the way of warpage, some of the pieces just did not line up. One of them has a mouth that looks like a child with only the front few sets of teeth, leaving a gummy black hole either side of its mouth when it smiles. The back end isn’t much better either, if my butt had a hole that big in it, my Large Intestine would have fallen out years ago! The other had all sorts of minor quirks that prevented the model going together quite right – most of these were rectified with a large amount of hot water, patience and my own body weight in elastic bands! That being said, the instructions were actually very good for Forge World, and though yes, some of you may say “but men don’t use Instructions!” – when it’s a model this big, yes you bloody do!

Though they took me on average six hours each to build, and were more difficult than a Revenant Titan or the Thunderhawk, once I’d soldiered on past the stage where I wanted to throw them out the window or trade them for Elysians or maybe even *gasp!* a Fantasy Army, I was left with a feeling of pride and achievement. I was, however, rather despondant about the sheer amount of Superglue and Green Stuff I’d had to use. Though the models do need a little more filing down and gap filling (along with cockpit details, the pilot, the canopy and the doors), I am very happy with how they’ve come out.

And just like any proud father would do, here are some pictures:

Storm Eagle #1 under construction

Storm Eagle #2 under construction

It’s twins!

And now, that done, I’m going back to my pot of Liquid Greenstuff, my nearly-exhausted supply of Kneadite and a large bottle of Pepsi to get these ready for priming tomorrow!

Coming next edition: One of the Eagles makes her Battle Report debut!