Blood for the Blood God and Grandfather Nurgle Smiles On Us All!

Apologies for the space between posts, everyone! Things have been a little rough for me in hobby-land recently, and as such I’ve not actually done anything blog-worthy…

Until this evening!

I was challenged to a game of Warhammer Fantasy by the Manager of the local Games Workshop, 2,000 points against his Nurgle Daemons. My Daemons of Khorne, as yet un-blooded, answered the call!

    Daemons of Khorne

Khorne Daemon Prince with Wings, Chaos Armour and a Lesser Gift
Skulltaker on Juggernaut
2x Khorne Herald
2x 23 Bloodletters
3 Bloodcrushers
2x Skull Cannons

    Daemons of Nurgle

Great Unclean One
2x Plague Bearer Regiments
2x Nurglings Units
3 Beasts of Nurgle
3 Plague Drones

    The Game

The board was set up by a neutral party, and looked like this:

I won the roll for deployment, and when we were done our armies were arrayed like such:

I then lost the roll for first turn…

Turn One: The Nurgle Army shuffles forwards, the winds of chaos reducing everyone’s ward save by one. The Nurgle magic phase then successfully kills a Bloodletter.

The Khorne army moves forward uncharacteristically cautiously. The winds of chaos punish this caution by causing my Skull Cannon to take an Instability test on 3d6. I roll a 14, bye-bye Skull Cannon… The other Cannon, perhaps inspired or terrified by the loss of its twin, fires at the Great Unclean one and wounds it. The fat beastie fails its ward save, and the Multiple Wound roll is a….SIX! The Great Unclean One explodes in a shower of unmentionable bodily fluids!

End of Turn One:

Turn Two: The Nurglings fail to charge while the Beasts of Nurgle charge the Bloodletters in my right flank and the Plague Drones charge the Cannon. The winds lf chaos increase everyone’s ward by 1. The Herald reduces the Bloodletters Initiative and Weapon Skill by 3, which results in the Herald in that unit being slain in the challenge, while another four are lost to attacks and Instability for very little gain.

In my turn, the Daemon Prince charges the Plaguebearers on my left while my free unit of Bloodletters charge the central Nurglings. In the resulting challenge, the Daemon Prince kills the Champion several times over, and the instability roll takes the entire rear rank of seven.

End of Turn Two:

Turn Three: The Bloodletters and Daemon Prince are ambushed with flank and rear charges, while the Beasts of Nurgle finish off their target unit.

Skulltaker charges out of his Regiment, and kills bugger all, dying to Instability soon after. On my flank, the Drones kill the Cannon while the Daemon Prince happily slaughters more Plague Bearers.

End of Turn Three:

Turn Four: The Beasts fail to charge while the Daemon Prince finishes off the last of the Plaguebearers and turns its attention on the Nurglings nipping at its feet.

The Bloodcrushers charge the Beasts and wipe them out, failing to overrun into the Drones by two inches. The Daemon Prince squashes the remaining Nurglings and turns to face the oncoming horde… Which isn’t so big any more…

End of Turn Four:


Turn Five: The Drones charge the Bloodcrushers, who are punished by Khorne for not overrunning far enough. One is killed, leaving the Banner bearer to fight on alone – a fight that lasts all of twenty seconds…

The Daemon Prince needs to make a 21-inch charge to get into combat with the Drones… Three dice are rolled: a six…a one…and a…four… Bugger… The Bloodletters that had so valiantly held up the Plaguebearers in the centre are finally wiped out.

End of Turn Five:


Turn Six: The Drones charge the Daemon Prince. The winds of chaos punish them, wounding one, while in an amazing display of ineptitude, the Daemon Prince loses three wounds for only one caused…

The fight continues. The Daemon Prince slays one Drone, and suffers two wounds… Minus two to armour, so two sixes needed…double one…ward saves…five and six! Woo! The Drones then fail their Instability roll by a massive amount, and the remaining wounds all disappear!

End of Turn Six/End of Game:


Result: Draw

Post-Game Thoughts: First game with Daemons, first game AGAINST Daemons, first actual Fantasy game in over a year… I think I did rather well! Losing the Cannon early on was a major blow, but killing the Great Unclean One really saved my bacon! I made a few mistakes, such as moving too cautiously turn one, and allowing Skulltaker to go flying out of a unit on his own, but that’s part of the learning curve!

I think I was very lucky to get a draw, as I was losing Bloodletters piecemeal in combat with the Plague Bearers and the Beasts. Still, it was an enjoyable game against a great opponent, and one I would like to replay when I know the army better!

That’s me done for this entry, next time will probably see me moaning about (reviewing) Codex: Eldar.

Until then!