Betrayal: The Weekend. Part Three – Sunday

So… Day one didn’t go entirely to plan, did it? That didn’t worry me as Sunday rolled around and I munched happily on a Bacon and Sausage Roll in Bugman’s. Sunday would go better – the dice gods owed it to me, just as far owed me an army with no Terminators in it!

    GAME 3: 1500pts vs Emperor’s Children

Enemy Force: Praetor, Terminators, Veteran Squad x2, Conteptor, Heavy Support Squad, Recon Marines.
Mission: Boost the Signal
Deployment: Dawn if War (1st)


Turn One:
My force moves towards the Bastion with the hopes of getting as many characters in base contact with it as possible and securing some vital Victory Points while my Land Speeders immobilise the Contemptor with their Graviton Guns. My roll for the signal, after modifiers, is 19.

The Emperor’s Children reply is to target the closest Speeder with seven Krak Missiles. Four hit, two cause damage, I fail one Jink roll and my Speeder explodes in a ball of flame. Four Assault Marines fall to disciplined Bolter fire, and my opponent rolls a 9 for the signal – gaining me 2 Victory Points.


Turn Two:
My Storm Eagle arrives and my Praetor leaves his unit to join the Assault Marines and chare the Veterans. My modified signal roll is 15.

My remaining speeder loses its Multimelta, and my Eagle becomes Vector-locked. My Praetor is then unceremoniously killed, AGAIN, this time by a Power Fist. My opponent rolls a 12, securing another 2 Points for me.


Turn Three:
My Command Squad leap out from behind the Bastion and charge the Veterans that killed their boss, slaying four before Hit and Running out. A modified roll of 16 gives me quite a firm chance of getting more Points.

Two of my Command Squad are killed, and my opponent rolls a modified 16 for the signal, no points for anyone!


Turn Four:
The Command Squad charge the depleted Veterans, killing them before bouncing back to the Bastion. I then roll a signal roll of 10.

The Emperor’s Children move to get as much in contact with the Bastion as possible, a move that pays off as my opponent rolls a 12 and nabs himself some Victory Points.


Turn Five:
My Eagle disengages from the Battlefield, nothing else much happens. I’m looking a little thin on the ground now, as I roll 11.

My opponent is content to sit on the Bastion, rewarded by a roll of 14 and snatching away the lead from the Raven Guard.


Turn Six:
My Eagle flies back onto the board and opens up on the troops surrounding the Bastion, for little real gain. A roll of 11 is not good enough to beat my opponent’s roll of 12.


Turn Seven:
I really didn’t want Turn Seven…didn’t really want turn six, either… However, my Storm Eagle manages to destroy the Contemptor, vengeance for…well…me losing, perhaps? I roll a pitiful 4 to see if I get a signal off, cementing my failure in the last turn of the game as my opponent finishes off my Command Squad and rolls a 13 to secure Victory.

Raven Guard: 4
Emperor’s Children: 8

    GAME 4: 3,000pts Doubles with Emperor’s Children vs Ultramarines and Salamanders

Notable Enemy Units: Storm Eagle, Spartan, Warhound with Plasma Blastgun and Turbolaser, Warhound with Twin Turbolasers.
Mission: Extermination
Deployment: Vanguard Strike


Turn One:
TWO WARHOUNDS!! James and I were understandably cautious, as we advance our forces, our primary target the double Turbo Warhound. As we combine our fire (well, James fired and I hurled abuse) we managed to knock the beastie down to two Hull Points and a damaged Drive result.

The return fire was concentrated on James’ own Titan, knocking it down to two Hull Points but failing to destroy it, while I lost one speeder.


Turn Two:
My Eagles fail to arrive, while my Assault Marines and Speeders close in on the enemy. Most of our fire is ineffective, except for the Spartan that managed to (barely) kill the Turbolaser-packing Titan! Tough the explosion was pitifully small, we’d killed a Titan and taken First Blood in the act! We could rest a little easier knowing that there were two less D-Weapons on the board!

The enemy retaliation was swift and brutal, with me losing a two-Speeder Squadron and James’ Titan making a 4″ explosion as it, too, was gunned down by a Spartan. James also lost a Predator to a vengeful Land Raider, while my Assault Sergeant passed ten successive saves against Volkite weapons.


Turn Three:
One Eagle arrives and reduces the Titan to five Hull Points with its Lascannons and Multimeltas, while my Assault Marines Melta Bomb a Land Raider, destroying it, killing two Terminators snide and pinning them in place.

The enemy fight back, but only manage to kill a handful of Marines, a Contemptor and a Land Raider.


Turn Four:
My second Storm Eagle arrives while the first unloads its Tactical Marines. The Sergeant’s Combi-Melta knocks four Hull Points from the Titan and Immobilise it completely, before the Squad charge in and finish it off with Grenades, though it did not explode.


Now Titan-less, our opponents decided it was time for revenge. I bore the brunt of the enemy shooting, as I was closest. Much to my opponents’ horror, it seemed luck was with me as I failed almost no saves of any kind, except two – one costing me the hovering Eagle, the second costing me my last Assault Marine from the depleted unit.


Turn Five:
There wasn’t much left on the board that could do anything by this point, a few long-range shots were traded but very little was done by either side.


Turn Six:
My Assault Marines finish off the Terminators they were engaged against, while my Tactical Marines continue to exchange fire with another similar-sized unit through the Titan wreckage before my last Storm Eagle, battered and dented and having passed too many Jink saves, fell out of the sky dead – bringing the game to a close seven minutes before our five-hour time limit expired…


Raven Guard/Emperor’s Children: 21
Ultramarines/Salamanders: 18

A hard fought, and very narrow victory…but I won a game! James claimed I did most of the work, but I think all I did was roll more dice as most of his force was tanks! You’ll also notice, my Praetor didn’t die! This isn’t because he and his friends weren’t in the list, rather because I placed him cunningly behind James’ Land Raiders and forgot all about them until turn five… Oops…

We handed in our final results, and waited for the ceremony. None of us expected any awards, I got my hopes up when Most Heroic Action was awarded to a Raven Guard player, but alas it was the other guy with his Contemptor. Ah well, Apothecary Damias is still a hero in my book!

Remember Rob’s Salamanders? Well, he entered this guy into the Painting Competition:


…And won Best Singe Miniature! Go Rob!


It was then that the most important award was given out. Who had one the campaign? Who were The Righteous Heirs? The victors?


Take that, Horus! the Loyalists, despite a Day One deficit of man points, narrowly lost their lead after Game Three, only to trail far further behind at the event’s conclusion!


Overall, it was a very enjoyable event! Though I enjoy gaming, regardless of setting, I think we all found this so much better than Throne of Skulls! Everyone was nice oboes was ass-y or stressed out, and what is more, every army was painted to a high standard! Not something you see often at tournaments! I will definitely be attending the next Heresy Weekend they do!

Well… That is all for this entry, return later this weekend for my first thoughts on new Codex: Space Marines!

Betrayal: The Weekend. Part Two – Saturday

So…Saturday morning…

At 8am we arrived at Warhammer World to feast upon Bacon Sandwiches and await our first games. As the time came along, we assembled at our assigned tables and prepared ourselves for what was to come…

    GAME 1: 2,000pts vs World Eaters

Enemy Force: Praetor, 2x 9-man Cataphractii Units, 2x Spartan Assault Tank, Angron
Mission: Firetide (4)
Deployment: Vanguard Strike (2nd)

Oh…a Terminator army… I was seriously concerned about how this game would pan out, seeing as I had precious little in the way of AP2 and certainly not enough to kill a Primarch! Still, it promised to be an interesting game…


Turn One:
The World Eaters move forward in their Spartans, destroying one Land Speeder and killing the Assault Sergeant.

My mobile forces moved forward, in an attempt to bring the Spartans down. Sadly, I failed dismally and my Praetor and his friends were left in the open – having failed to charge by a fraction of an inch…


Turn Two:
Angron and Co disembark from their Spartan and charge the Praetor and his squad. The Spartans fire upon the remaining Speeder, killing it stone dead. Angron alone butchers my Praetor and his squad, though the Apothecary somehow survived to flee the combat.

The Apothecary rallies and is joined by a Tactical Squad hiding in the ruins. One of the two Storm Eagles arrives and in a stunning display of luck, destroys one of the Spartans with a single Lascannon shot in the side armour.


Turn Three:
Angron butchers the Assault Squad, though we used the term “blended” at the time. “Thresher-ed” would also be an acceptable term… The second Terminator Squad charges the Tactical Marines, killing six for the loss of two of their own. The squad break away, but do not flee from the board.

The Apothecary and his squad rally once again, and the second Eagle arrives but a rather pitiful shooting phase sees only a few casualties caused…


Turn Four:
The Apothecary is finally slain, though the squad hold their ground.

Both Storm Eagles enter hover mode to try and gun Angron down, but succeed in only causing one wound…


Turn Five:
One Squad of Terminators charge the hovering Eagle closest to their Objective, destroying it and losing one of their number.

In an attempt to get revenge for its brother’s destruction, the second Eagle unloads everything on the objective-holding Terminators, slaying two. The final one holds to ground as the game ends…


Raven Guard: 4VP
World Eaters: 5VP

    GAME 2: 2,500pts vs Emperor’s Children

Enemy Force: Praetor, Cataphractii Terminators, 3x Veteran Squads, 4x Land Raiders, Fulgrim
Mission: Shatter Strike
Deployment Dawn of War (1st)


Turn One:
Fulgrim’s Land Raider attracts most of the fire, losing two Hull Points.

It then immobilises itself on the Dangerous Terrain effects caused by the Graviton Guns, before opening fire on the Javelins and destroying one. Fulgrim attempts to charge, but his distance falls short.


Turn Two:
One Storm Eagle arrives. Fulgrim’s squad is whittled down by massed fire while his Land Raider is destroyed and the Achilles on the left flank is immobilised.

Fulgrim then charges my Praetor and Command Squad, butchering them in a way only he could manage…


Turn Three:
The second Eagle fails to arrive, Fulgrim is reduced to two wounds by concentrated shooting. While the Legion Praetor cuts down three Assault Marines.


Turn Four:
The Eagle finally arrives, but the shooting phase achieves absolutely nothing…

My last speeder is then killed, and Julius slices through the remains of the squad he was killing…

Turn Five:
The Eagles and remaining Marines combine their fire to kill Fulgrim, and the game draws to a close.


Raven Guard: 1VP
Emperor’s Children: 4VP

So ended Day One… Two amazing games against fantastic opponents. Miles better than Day One of the last Throne of Skulls I attended. So much more relaxed, so much more fun…so many more painted models!!!

Return tomorrow for Day Two, including a massive Battle Report involving THREE Warhound Titans!!

Betrayal: The Weekend. Part One – Friday


Here it is…

Part One of our epic journey to Warhammer World to take part in the opening salvoes of the Horus Heresy…

Friday night’s pre-registration filled me with unease. My lists had not done well in test games, and by looking at the lists of other people signing up early, I knew I’d made some fundamental mistakes. It was too late, though, I was registered and my list was handed in. The Loyalist side was stuck with me for good or ill…

Registration done, we sat at he Hobby Bar for a few hours putting the finishing touches on the two incomplete armies, the owners of which shall remain nameless… The painting continued in the hotel, and at 1.30am I put down my brush, said goodnight to the two still-painting chaps, and went to bed.

Saturday morning came sooner than I would have liked. As we gathered in Bugman’s Bar for breakfast and listened to other gamers talking, it became clear that this event was going to be messy… However, the armies all laid out looked fantastic and I made myself a promise: even if I were to lose all four games, I would be gracious about it…so long as the armies I lost to were painted well, and not plastic.

Round one was upon us before we knew it, but before I get into the Battle Reports, I wish to show you our merry little warband’s combined forces:

My Raven Guard:


James’ Emperor’s Children:


Rob’s Salamanders:


Lee’s Death Guard:


Nathan’s Blood Angels:


As you can see, a lot of time and effort was sunk into these projects. As the Game 1 briefing began, the entire hall waited in an awkward silence. Fifty gamers stood, all hoping it would be worthwhile…

In the next post, Saturday’s games! With pictures!