Embrace the Silliness: Warboar Hyperspace Trial

Yesterday, Warboar Games in Bromley held London’s first Hyperspace Tournament. 76 people had bought tickets, there was allegedly a long waiting list for players who had unfortunately been unable to acquire tickets in time. It promised to be a day of challenging play, good laughs, and hopefully a degree of success for everyone involved. The event was also raising money for the Chartwell Cancer Trust, and I believe totalled about £600 in overall donations across the course of the day.

Last article I wrote, I talked about flying what you loved, and the response on Facebook was great: one comment being along the lines of “fly something you enjoy losing with”. The list I chose, I had flown four times ever – on Thursday. I wanted to do something stupid, something akin to the twin E-Wing list, and it was suggested I might enjoy Luke and Wedge with all of the trimmings: I figured it’d be fun, and I’ve actually not flown Luke in 2.0, so I gave it a go.

The List, aka “The Silly List of Silliness”

Luke Skywalker T-65 X-wing
Supernatural Reflexes + Proton Torpedoes + R2-D2 + Afterburners + Servomotor S-foils
Wedge Antilles T-65 X-wing
Lone Wolf + Proton Torpedoes + R2 Astromech + Afterburners + Servomotor S-foils

Two ships, loaded to the gills, promising raw hilarity or pure disappointment. I’d originally flown with Outmaneuver on Wedge for -2 Agility when outside of an opponent’s fire arc, but with the number of Falcons, Firesprays, Special Forces TIEs and RZ-2s I expected to see, it didn’t seem worth it. Lone Wolf would provide me a handy reroll which might make the difference between living or dying.

I even went back, acquired myself a pair of new T-65s with the flappy wings, and did custom paint jobs for them both:


Corran Horn (Luke Skywalker) and Wedge Antilles custom T-65s and dials.

I went in to the tournament with a goal: have fun. If I won a game, I had a moral victory on top of an actual victory. If I went 3-3 which was my original goal, I would have more than proven myself in my own eyes, and could walk out of the event proud of myself. My TNX squadmates, of course, all thought I was insane, as did several others, but they agreed that I had to fly something fun.


Speaking of TNX, we’re an attractive bunch, aren’t we? Note 186th/TNX Member Ben Lee distancing himself on the left 😛

So, let’s dive into the action, shall we?

Game 1 vs Raihan – Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker, Dutch Vander

Raihan’s list scared me. Wedge with Swarm Tactics, Luke with Heightened Perception, and Torpedoes EVERYWHERE. If I got this wrong, I was going to suffer, and suffer hard.

Raihan’s first Torpedo Luke was…lacklustre. He rolled one hit, then a second hit with the reroll from his Target Lock. My Luke evaded both, then dealt four damage back with his own Torpedo. Wedge suffered at the hands of Raihan’s Wedge, being half-pointed in one shot, while only dealing two shields’ worth of damage to Dutch.


Initial engagement over, Luke and Wedge disengage.

Begin the engage/disengage and regen routine. Every time shields went down, the ship disengaged to regenerate them and swung back in. Dutch did not last long, and Wedge was hunted down; bringing my Wedge’s shields back down and half-pointing him again in the final volley before being destroyed.


Alone and outnumbered, Wedge’s days are numbered…

Result: 200-40 Victory

Round 2 vs PhilGC – Poe Dameron, Nien Nunb, Ello Asty

Not the list I wanted to be playing against the UK’s most famous X-Wing blogger with, and not the list I expected him to be using. This game was rough, and a mistake I made very early on led to a sound defeat:

Having learned never to straight joust, I tried to get clever. I figured letting Phil move first would mean Luke could arc-dodge everything, and in theory that is correct. UNLESS that person has Nien Nunb. Letting your opponent go first lets him do his shenanigans (which I think FFG really need to address and I say this as a Resistance player), meaning that no matter what you do, he’s got a double-modded shot back at you.

I should have gone first, aimed straight at Nien with both ships, deleted him with Torpedoes and then run the hell away. That would have been what I did if I’d been running an Alpha Strike list, but I didn’t, so I got hammered.

Still, I killed one of his ships, and it wasn’t an un-fun game (that would come in Round Six and also involved Nien Nunb), and I’m glad I finally got to play Phil. I know he’s already written his article and has his own thoughts on this game, but I haven’t read it yet!

Result: 63-200 Loss

Round 3 vs Lloyd Boman – Fenn Rau, Boba Fett, Autopilot Drone

Oh if only I’d had Predator rather than Lone Wolf, I could have made Lloyd move first! This is the same list Paul Full-On flew at the Magic Madhouse tournament, and I was determined not to get a measly twelve points this time.

Step one: slow roll until the AP Drone explodes. That done, I could engage at will. We flew round and around in circles, either arc-dodging or failing to put telling damage on one-another for what seemed like an eternity. Boba got halved, then Luke, then Wedge was in trouble. Then Boba was in trouble again. It was an enjoyable game, both of us with two ships we needed to fly extremely carefully in order to get the best from them.


Boba and Fenn are a lot less scary when they can’t shoot back!

Sadly, as the game drew to a close, I made two fatal mistakes. Failing to go for the block on Fenn meant Wedge ate a range one shot and died, though he’d half-pointed Fenn in doing so. Likewise, I second-guessed myself and changed my mind on a dial so that Luke didn’t block Boba onto his own Proton Bomb, but ate it himself.

Still, it was a hard-fought and ridiculously good fun game, and Lloyd is always a pleasure to play against!

Result: 110 – 200 Loss

Game 4 vs Chris – “Howlrunner”, Iden Versio, Del Meeko, Gideon Hask, “Wampa”, Academy Pilot

Swarms are the bane of my existence, though fellow TNX squadmade Chris is an excellent chap and a good player, so I wasn’t too displeased to see it in front of me. I knew I was going to have to be cagey.


Luke circles the debris as bait while Wedge flanks.

For about forty-five minutes we danced around each other, neither of us landing any telling blows on the other. Chris kept the swarm together for the most part and seemed to be intent on Luke’s downfall, especially following a miraculous Supernatural Reflexes barrel-roll into two turn that fit comfortably between two TIES), which led to his eventual defeat.


Luke and the TIEs flew around this debris so often they got dizzy!

While Luke circled the debris, Wedge did what Wedge does best; delete TIE after TIE. I missed Outmaneuver, but the Lone Wolf re-roll meant I wasn’t spending locks when I didn’t need to, and not taking damage when I couldn’t afford to. The game ran to time, with Iden and Gideon fleeing back towards his board edge.

Result: 148-0 Win

Game 5 vs Alex Birt – 6 Mining Guild TIEs and Outer Rim Pioneer

Second swarm of the day, third member of the 186th, podcast host and all-round nice chap; Alex Birt.

This game was so much fun. I made a horrific mistake and got too bold with Wedge far too soon, earning him a painful death too early in the game to make a critical contribution to the outcome of the match.

What happened next though, was insane. Luke went on some kind of dark-side rampage or something, deleting TIE after TIE (one a one-hit KO with his S-Foils closed after a K-Turn), and generally wreaking havoc. At one point, Alex was certain he was going to lose.


Having prodded the hornet’s nest, Luke runs for it.

Sadly, no matter how many Supernatural Reflexes plus Afterburners hijinks you can do while recharging shields with R2-D2, the charge system means that eventually you will run out and you will get hurt.


Re-engaging, Luke passes through the formation to deny all but one shot.

Eventually time ran out, Luke was half-pointed with no hope of regeneration, and Alex took his remaining three TIEs and rather wisely ran for it. A last-minute snap-shot to try and half point a damaged TIE failed, and the result was a loss.

That said, this was easily the most fun I’ve had a) with this list and b) against a swarm. For that, Alex has my eternal gratitude.

Result: 109 – 134 Loss (Reported as 135 because I can’t count)

Game 6 vs Andy – Ello Asty, Nien Nunb, L’ulo Lumpar, Tallisan Lintra

This game was rough. The list I fly detests variance, and variance is what I got (although bent over by the dice gods and spanked would also be appropriate). As I said last article, dice shaming devalues your opponent’s efforts, so I won’t blame my dice as the sole reason I lost, but then four Proton Torpedo shots (so sixteen dice with rerolls) only deal three shields’ worth of damage to one ship (which rolled a total of six evade dice thanks to Wedge), the maths simply do not add up.

I had four or five uninterrupted turns of shooting into the backs of two fleeing T-70s, and just couldn’t put the damage through. My opponent, on the other hand, seemed to lack that particular issue, and was landing hit after hit after hit on Luke and Wedge despite my best efforts.

In the end, I deliberately flew a one-health Luke into a rock (I didn’t actually have much choice) in order to end the game on my own terms.

Result: 57 – 200 Loss

Final Thoughts

2-4 was more than I could have asked for with this list. I also didn’t feel that any of my match-ups were unwinnable: I lose to Phil through mistakes I made, I lost to Lloyd due to mistakes I made, and I lost to Alex due to mistakes I made. We won’t talk any more about Game 6. Obviously Phil, Lloyd and Alex all definitely deserved their wins based on the fact they’re fantastic players, but my mistakes didn’t help my chances of winning.

Overall, I came 42nd; lower than I’d like but higher than I expected. I’m told Phil won the event overall and is now going to World’s, if this is true, well done sir!

I’d like to thank Jason for running the event and my opponents for all being so very, very awesome!


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