New 40k Edition, New Look Blog (Part 2)

Good afternoon! Today we see the second part of my Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition first glance!

We will start off with something I neglected to include last time because I wasn’t 100% on how it worked:

Psychic Phase

In recent editions of 40k, the Psychic Phase was a bit convoluted and, in my opinion, not really worth the hassle. Now everything is a lot simpler: choose a power, roll 2d6 and beat the power level. Double 1 or double 6 is a Perils of the Warp (inflicting a Mortal Wound), and if your Psyker dies the power fails and everything within 6″ takes damage. So much easier!

Charge Phase

The charge phase isn’t all that different; you pick a target to charge with, your opponent overwatches, and with a 2d6 roll you determine whether your unit has successfully charged or not. Unlike older editions, models now have to get within 1″ of enemy models to consider the charge successful, which means some of those iffier distances are more likely to be successful!

Also a part of the charge phase, the new(ish) “Heroic Intervention” rule means that Character models within 3″ of a combat may pile in to it at the beginning of the phase.

Combat Phase

The combat phase sees a few changes, notably the order in which units fight; all charging units fight first, then players alternate picking units to fight with (player whose turn it is picking first). This means that players have to be tactical in picking which units to fight and when, lest they make a bad decision and lose a strategically-placed unit before it gets to strike.

Models with more than one close combat weapon now have the opportunity to divide their attacks rather than having to choose one weapon with which to attack.

Morale Phase

The final phase of the turn is the Morale Phase, where players roll a dice and add the total of models slain in a unit that turn. If the number exceeds the Leadership value, the test fails and a number of models equal to the score the test was failed by are removed from play; exactly like in Age of Sigmar.
So, that’s the basics of 40k 8th Edition! I think we are in for a much easier time, playing a much simpler game, which seems to have shed the fattening rules of previous editions. Love it or hate it, we are in for something special!

The next post will cover the different options for playing games and the methods of army building that go with them. 

Until next time, keep the hobby positivity flowing!


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