Defenders of the Empire – Rochester Store Championship Battle Report

Welcome one and all to another Store Championship Battle Report! This one is a little shorter than the last, as this tournament was only four games played between sixteen players. Counting the different lists, I counted seven large ships shared among six players, and only one Phantom! The meta is not so strong in this tournament!

So without further ado, I present you my list:

Rexlar Brath: Veteran Instincts, Shield Upgrade, Heavy Laser Cannon
Colonel Vessery: Decoy, Shield Upgrade, Heavy Laser Cannon
For a total of 97pts.

Game One (Adam) – A-Wing, A-Wing, X-Wing (Jake Farrell, Tycho Celchu,Wedge Antilles)


Turn One – The Rebels blast forward as fast as they could, while Vessery and Rexlar both turned performed a one bank and barrel-rolled.

Turn Two – Vessery makes a three turn to the right while the Rebels continued to burn forward as fast as they can and Rexlar moves two straight forwards and performs a barrel-roll.

Turn Three – Vessery banks one to the right and focuses while the Rebels bend in to engage. Rexler banks one right and target locks Tycho, who in the long-range exchange of fire loses a shield.

Turn Four – Vessery moves two straight forwards and focuses  as Tycho turns hard right. Jake performs a three-speed turn while Wedge banks in. Rexlar moves two forwards and locks onto Wedge. Vessery fires first, stripping a shield from Wedge’s X-Wing and loses two of his own shields in return before Rexlar hits Wedge for four points of damage, and after zero evades Wedge is destroyed.

Turn Five – Vessery makes a three-speed turn to the left and focuses while Tycho and Jake pursue him. Rexlar crashes into Jake, and opens fire on Tycho, causing him to take a critical hit – Injured Pilot. No more Push the Limit or performing actions while stressed! Jake fires on Vessery and damages his sensors, and in an appalling display of dice rolling, Tycho blows the Defender out of space.

Not good…

Turn Six – Jake and Tycho both turn left, Rexlar tries to follow and crashes into Tycho…

Turn Seven – Tycho turns sharp left while Jake moves two forward. Rexlar banks one and focuses, before blowing Tycho out of space.

Turn Eight – Jake performs a three turn, and Rexlar manages to skip over him so no shooting is declared.

Turn Nine – Jake performs another three turn around an asteroid, while Rexlar performs a similar move the other way – rolling to get into arc. Rexlar’s Heavy Laser Cannoms hit Jake for two shields and a hull point.

Turn Ten – Jake makes a one left turn and boosts, while Rexlar performs a Koiogran turn and blows the small A-Wing out of space.

100-48 Victory!

Game Two (Craig) – Firespray, Interceptor, Interceptor (Krassis, Royal Guard, Royal Guard)

Craig is an old friend, who I only found out recently plays X-Wing. His list was a little different, but had me slightly concerned – Outmaneuver on those Interceptors might sting…


Turn One – Krassis moves one forward while Rexlar and Vessery both perform their obligatory (or signature now?) one bank and barrel role move. The two Interceptors both rush five forward and boost to get further down the board.

Turn Two – Krassis moves one forward again while the Defenders perform banks the opposite way to previous turn to straighten out. The Royal Guard at this point bank away from the Defenders, no doubt in an attempt to swing round and get behind me.

Turn Three – Krassis performs a two bank, while Vessery makes a three turn over an asteroid without damaging himself. The Royal Guards turn in on the attack, and Rexlar manages to crash into one of them. Rexlar hits one of the Royal Guard for two hull (take THAT Stealth Device!) and Vessery follows up to finish him off. In reply, Krassis knocks three shields from Vessery (I can see where THIS is going…)

Turn Four – Krassis moves two forwards while Vessery performs a Koiogran turn and strips three shields from Krassis. What the Royal Guard and Rexlar did, I can’t remember and can’t tell you because I forgot to write it down…

Turn Five – Krassis performs a speed four Koiogran turn, and Vessery crashes into Krassis. The Royal Guard burns forward four, with Rexlar performing a one hard turn. For the second time in as many games, the green dice fail me and Vessery falls apart in a hail of laser-fire.

Turn Six – Krassis moves three forwards and the Royal Guard moves five forwards. Rexlar moves in and causes one shield and three points of hull to be removed from Krassis.

Turn Seven – Krassis performs another Koiogran turn while the Royal Guard turns sharp one and barrel rolls. Rexlar moves two forwards and focuses, but there is no effective shooting.

Turn Eight – Krassis performs a hard two turn, retaining his stress token. The Royal Guard banks two towards Rexlar and rolls, while Rexlar moves forward four and hits Krassis for another point of hull damage.

Turn Nine – Krassis moves forward four (still retaining stress) while the Royal Guard moves three forwards. Rexlar banks in at speed three and blows Krassis off the board, before losing a shield to a long-range shot from the last Royal Guard.

Time-skipping through the five turns of jousting with no hits being caused on either party…

Turn Fifteen – The Royal Guard gets fed up of jousting and performs a hard two, boosting round an asteroid. Rexlar performs a Koiogran turn, and rolls to ensure fire arc doesn’t go through asteroid. Rexlar’s Heavy Laser Cannon hits the Interceptor three times, and zero evade dice are rolled.

100 – 48 Victory (Again!)

Game Three (Ian) – Defender, Defender (Rexlar, Vessery)


This list was going to be a toughie – my last “mirror match” didn’t go so well, and this was very similar. These two Defenders both sported Marksmanship, Proton Rockets and Munitions Failsafes… This could be rough…

Turn One – The “good” (mine) Defenders do their one bank/roll intro, while the “evil” (Ian’s) Defenders boost five forward.

Turn Two – Vessery straightens out with a one bank and focuses. The evil Defenders bank in to try and get some long-range shots in. Rexlar also straightens out and acquires a lock on evil Vessery. Vessery hits evil Vessery twice and pulls off two shields, while Rexlar follows up and hits Vessery for another shield, a hull and a critical – Minor Explosion. Ian rolls an attack die, rolls a hit, bye-bye evil Vessery! In revenge, evil Rexlar hits Rexlar for two shields.

Turn Three – Vessery performs a three bank and evil Vessery crashes into him. Rexlar performs a Koiogran turn and shoots his evil twin, stripping a shield from him.

Turn Four – Vessery performs a Koiogran turn while evil Rexlar performs a one sharp turn and stresses himself. Rexlar crashes into his evil twin while Vessery strips a second shield from evil Rexlar.

Turn Five – Vessery performs a one bank and focuses while evil Rexlar charges four forward and focuses and Rexlar performs a three turn and focuses. Vessery fires first (Decoy at PS10 is really throwing people off!) and hits evil Rexlar for one shield and two hull, damaging the Defender’s sensors. Rexlar follows up and hits his evil twin four times, evil Rexlar rolling three evades and still taking the last shot that brings him down…

100-0 Victory!

Game Four (Macey) – YT-1300, A-Wing, A-Wing (Chewbacca, Jake Farrell, Gemmer Sojan)


Holy crap I’m on top table! The winner of this game wins the tournament! So far from three games, I’ve lost two ships (both 48pts), Macey (like Craig a long-time friend I didn’t know played until recently) had only lost one A-Wing in three games. This could be rough…

Warning in advance – this one’s a lengthy one!

Turn One – Chewie moves two forwards while Gemmer moves four forwards. Vessery performs his now-traditional one bank and roll, while Jake moves five straight forward and Rexlar copies Vessery.

Turn Two – Chewie moves three forwards and Gemmer turns two to the right and boosts. Vessery performs a two-speed bank and focuses as Jake moves five forward, boosts and barrel-rolls. Rexlar follows Vessery by performing a one bank and a barrel roll.

Turn Three – Chewie turns hard left and evades while Gemmer moves three forwards and turtles. Vessery makes a three turn in towards the A-Wings and focuses while Jake makes a two turn and boosts out of Vessery’s arc. Vessery takes a long-range shot at Chewie and knocks off one shield.

Turn Four – Chewie turns hard right and evades while Gemmer moves three forwards and boosts. Vessery moves two forward and focuses while Jake makes a one hard turn and boosts. Rexlar moves two straight forward, and Vessery strips another shield from Chewie.

Turn Five – Chewie makes a three turn to the left while Gemmer copies his larger wingmate. Vessery banks one and focuses as Jake performs a two bank and turtles. Rex banks one and acquires a target lock on Jake, stripping all two of his shields in the subsequent shooting.

Turn Six – Chewie makes a hard turn at speed two while Gemmer moves three forwards and boosts, locking Vessery with Push the Limit. Vessery performs a Koiogran turn and focuses as Jake moves five straight forwards and boosts. Rexlar performs his own Koiogran turn and locks onto Gemmer. Vessery fires, hitting the A-Wing for two shields and one hull (it has two left from Hull Upgrade) before Rexlar finishes the little ship off.

Turn Seven – Chewie performs a three bank to the left and marksmans. Vessery performs a three hard turn and focuses while Jake performs a two hard turn and boosts. Rexlar turns three and rolls, but no Imperial shooting this turn. Jake, however, pulls a shield off of Rexlar while Chewie pulls two shields from Vessery (here we go again!)

Turn Eight – Chewie hard turns and marksmans again while Vessery performs a Koiogran and focuses. Jake reveals a red manoeuvre, but is still stressed from Pushing the Limit last turn. I could turn him three left and ensure next turn he’s off the board, but I don’t want to be that guy so I turn him hard right onto an asteroid (I didn’t want him flying off, didn’t mean I didn’t want him dead!) Jake takes a critical hit – engine damage, meaning all his turns are now red (and he’s still stressed!) Rexlar crosses an asteroid and loses a shield, before the pair of Defenders hit Jake for two hull and finish him off.

Turn Nine – Chewie moves three forward and crashes into Rexlar, meaning both Rexlar and Vessery crash into Chewie.

Turn Ten – Chewie sharp turns two and marksmans, while Vessery banks three and rolls and Rexlar moves five forward and focuses (this is the point I considered moving away and running down the clock, but given what I’d already done I chose not to!)

Turn Eleven – Chewie banks one and evades while Vessery and Rexlar both perform Koiograns and roll to get themselves into better position.

Turn Twelve – Chewie performs a three bank and evades again, as Vessery and Rexlar bank to pursue.

Turn Thirteen – Chewie performs a one sharp turn and marksmans while Vessery banks and focuses and Rexlar moves two forward and acquires a lock on Chewie. Vessery and Rexlar both fire, knocking the last four of Chewie’s shields down, while Chewie’s return fire hits Rexlar for one shield.

Turn Fourteen – Chewie banks away from the Defenders and evades while Vessery and Rexlar both perform Koiogran turns and focus (Vessery) and lock (Rexlar). Between them, they hit Chewie for four hull points.

Turn Fifteen – Chewie banks one and evades again while Vessery performs a three bank and focuses. Rexlar banks two and once again locks onto Chewie, before the pair of them inflict four hits on the damaged YT-1300 and end the game.

100-0 Victory!


I knew I’d done fairly well, and four out of four is a tournament record for me! I knew I was top three, but I thought it would all come down to margin of victory. As the results were read out, I got gradually move and more tense – especially as the final three were announced. Macey (my final opponent) came third, and when I realised I was not second it dawned on me:


I was so stunned I didn’t realise they’d even started clapping, and graciously accepted my prizes and congratulated all my opponents and thanked the two fantastic umpires and the store manager. So to round out this report, I present my first-place prizes:


That’s a funky little medal from the 2014 Winter Tournament pack, a Han Solo alternate art card, a Scimitar Squadron alternate art card, what I assume to be a bye ticket for a regional (or something along those lines) and oh yes, a free Tantive IV!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of my opponents for a fantastic game, the umpires for ensuring fair play and answering rules queries, and the staff at Rochester Games, Models and Railways for organising the event and providing the venue and the food. For those in the South-East of England who wish to visit the store, their facebook page can be four here.

Now I’m going to sleeve up my new cards, inspect my new toy and take a nap because I just realised I’ve missed the first twenty minutes of Top Gear finalising this entry! Thanks for reading, until next time!


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