Random update and a taste of what is to come!

Hey there guys and girls!

There’s been very little progress hobby-wise from me this week. I had a rematch with Steve’s Iron Hands, playing on a 6″x4″ board rather than a 4″x4″ and Kill Points rather than objectives. It was an agonisingly close game; thanks to the presence of a Thunderfire Cannon  hammering my army at range on a perhaps too-open board, and despite an early lead it could easily turn against me – until Steve’s horrendous luck when attempting to make a game-changing charge with his Master of the Forge sealed his fate; the result being 9-3 to the Raven Guard as opposed to the 13-1 pasting the week before. It was still an enjoyable game, though, and we both learned a lot from it.

Just in time for 7th Edition to hit and render what we had learned moot!

I’m not going to go into anything specific regarding 7th Edition; as much larger blogs, sites and podcasts are already doing that with a varying amount of bitchiness. In my opinion; Games Workshop have done a fair job ironing out the kinks of 6th Edition; and the supposed uber-lists have now had their wings clipped, claws blunted and features ruffled. Aside from a few pissed off grouches living locally, I do believe we are entering a golden age of 40k!

In other news, I will probably be getting some paint onto my Daemons at some point in the near future, as more people at the local gaming venues are looking to get into Warhammer Fantasy. Given that the schools break up for summer in the next few months, I think maybe the disciples of Khorne will have their work cut out for them – killing and getting killed for the glory of the Blood God. I also plan to test a few X-Wing lists ready for an event at Guildhall Games in Kent, for the chance to win one of the much-anticipated Wave 4 ships before it is released…I doubt I will, but it’s worth a go, right? Having now sadly abandoned any attempt to try and enjoy Star Trek: Attack Wing (I tried, I really did!) I now have extra space in my case for ships!

Finally, as I now have two 40k armies, one Fantasy army and a Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit force, I have decided any future purchases will most likely be character models that I really like. TO accompany this I will (hopefully) be adding a new section to this blog in the near future, showcasing not only my own attempts at painting named/special characters but also others from the hobby community – be they local or on another continent and simply happy to share!

If you are interested in taking part, e-mail me at: theramblingwargamer at gmail.com with your photos, or send them as a message to my Facebook page.

That’s all from me tonight, but there will be more regular updates as the summer progresses!

Until next time!


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