Moving Swiftly Onwards…

Hello once again, everyone! January has passed, and we are now into a rather wet and windy February here in the UK!

I’d like to begin by commenting on the progress I made with my Hobby Resolution for January, as you may remember my goals were to:

  1. Assemble four Space Marine Rhinos with Raven Guard doors.
  2. Assemble and paint at least 700pts of Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit.
  3. Disassemble Land Speeders from Horus Heresy event, attach Cyclone Missiles and repaint

So, how do you all think I did? Well, I’ll tell you:

  1. PASS!
  2. FAIL! – Assembled, not painted.
  3. FAIL! – Couldn’t find Cyclone Pods until yesterday, where I found them masquerading as Grey Company!

This, of course, means that goals #2 and #3 need to be added to February’s goal. It’s probably for the best, really, as February’s goal  (a small one to coincide with my return to college) is to learn how to use my airbrush properly, finish converting some miniatures for X-Wing, and maybe do some more work on the Thunderhawk base. 

I’m quietly confident that I’ll be able to meet my goals this time round, notably through the use of weekly “Hobby Hangouts” with my good friend Greg. The idea of the Hobby Hangout is simple: You and one or more of your gaming buddies, colleagues, chums…whatever, get together and have a Google+ Hangout (basically a video conference) during which you all paint, and talk hobby (or in my case, procrastinate while pretending to find things to do). If it wasn’t for my regular Hobby Hangouts with Greg, I wouldn’t have finished my Raven Guard in time for last August, so they really work!

…When I get my butt in gear and actually do something 😛

I also have a less official resolution, which is to post on this blog more often – ideally, once a week. Whether or not this coincides with the Hobby Hangouts remains to be seen, but it’d be a good motivator and I could share hobby progress right away rather than waiting and forgetting…as I often do!

I am now off to get some food in me before tonight’s Hobby Hangout, which also means I need to clear my desk and get my tools ready. Maybe I’ll get a post up tomorrow with progress from the first session, who knows?

Ooh! Before I forget, be sure to check out Games and Theory on Facebook. Games and Theory is a content-driven, peer-review community that exists to promote the development of user-submitted articles and projects. Basically it’s a bunch of awesome people who love to talk about the hobby, and is well worth the look!

That’s all for this entry, until next time!


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