January Hobby Update #2

Before anyone asks, no I have not done any work on the Javelins, the Rhinos or my Hobbit models as I am still firmly in the grasp of flying stand-fever!

I started painting yesterday, armed with four pots of Zandri Dust, four pots of Karak Stone, four pots of Seraphim Sepia and two pots of Ushabti Bone – I was confident I had enough, though several others decided I would run out of paint within spitting distance of my objective, and only after the local store closed!

So, did I make it? I apologise in advance for the quality of these photos, my light isn’t what it used to be and taking photos with my iPad for direct-to-blog upload while illuminating the model with my iPhone is neither easy nor dignified!

Primed and ready for painting:


First layers of Zandri Dust:


Highlight layer of Karak Stone:


Final highlight layer of Ushabti Bone:


Wash of Seraphim Sepia:


Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that in the final photo, the crashed Valkyie is painted. This came after discussions with several other hobbyists about what colours would contrast both with the black of the Thunderhawk, and the sandy-white/beige of the base and buildings. Eventually I decided on Word Bearers, and the crashed Valkyrie now belongs to Chapter Serfs or Cultists or…something!

Scab Red basecoat:


Red Gore layer:


Detail work of Mephiston Red, Warplock Bronze/Golden Griffon, and Abaddon Black/Leadbelcher:


The base still needs the detail work done, I’m thinking Mithril Silver to keep with the lightness of the colour palette used, but that will be the focus of my next entry. For now, let’s see how it looks with the Thunderhawk on, shall we?



Now…I’m no expert, but I think I’ve done rather well so far!

Keep your eyes open for the final update sometime in the next few days, then back to some kind of normalcy!


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