Happy New Year!

Well boys and girls, 2013 is now behind us regardless of time-zone, and we can look forwards to 2014 and wonder what hobby goodies our favourite hobby companies will be releasing for us this year!

I’m not going to go into rumours of Imperial Guard, or post photos of new Tyranid stuff, or even complain that Fantasy Flight Games have pushed their X-Wing release back another month: there are other blogs that do enough of that!

Instead, I will be talking about something I attempted last year, and will be attempting again this year as something of a hobby resolution:

The Hobby Calendar!

I attempted this last year, and made…some…progress with it before personal life got in the way, and then preparation for University took over and my hobby time seemed to evaporate like a Jokaero hit with a Multi-Melta…

The goal is to set yourself a target for each week or month, depending how much free time you have and how large your project is. At the end of the month, you can present your progress to someone (it’s better if they’re doing something similar, so you can compare) and show off how well you’ve done. If you don’t finish, you haven’t failed, it just means you have more to do in your next month!

A few people at my local Games Workshop (including a few staff) have decided to attempt something similar. If I can convince some of them to share their ideas and allow me to post them on this blog, I may even start some kind of “Tale of x Gamers/Painters” thing to catalogue our progress! It’ll certainly be interesting to see how that works out!

I’ve only gotten so far as working out my challenge for January, but I’ll share it with you now and over the course of the month will provide progress updates, culminating with a final post on the 31st to see if I’ve succeeded or not.

So here we go…January’s Hobby:

  • Assemble four Space Marine Rhinos with Raven Guard doors.
  • Assemble and paint at least 700pts of Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit.
  • Disassemble Land Speeders from Horus Heresy event, attach Cyclone Missiles and repaint.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily seem like a lot of work, but I figure starting small is probably the best for the first month – as not only is time a factor, but the cost of materials needs to be taken into consideration – spread the projects out, spread out the expenditure. Win win!

I also made several resolutions for 2014 in its entirety to run alongside my Hobby Calendar (in places, the Hobby Calendar will help me achieve these wider goals), these are long-term projects and I expect will probably take all year to complete. These resolutions include finishing the Thunderhawk, finishing my armies to a decent standard, getting more games in and writing more blog posts! I also want to learn Non-Metallic Metals and Blending, and not simply decide “they’re too difficult” and give up, like my previous attempts.

I may even attempt to enter Golden Daemon, who knows?

Anyway, that’s enough from me! I hope everyone has a brilliant New Year’s Day (drink sensibly people!) and enjoys the rest of their holidays!

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hi, I like the idea of your hobby calendar. Are you thinking of sharing goals to other bloggers? I would be interested in setting monthly goals and sharing them and there outcomes, good or bad lol.

    1. It’s certainly an idea worth considering! Mostly I’m doing it to get a clear idea of what needs doing, but if others wish to take part and share, I say go for it!

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