I return! Sort of, at least!

Hey there people!

I apologise for my absence these last few months, but University has taken the majority of my hobby time away from me, and only now the semester is over do I have time to update this blog!

As I haven’t actuallydone any hobby these last few months (planned much, accomplished none), I thought I’d share with you something my girlfriend painted for me back in June.

For our three year anniversary, Sarah bought and painted this little guy for me:




Now, Sarah had never built or painted a model before, and I’m told she constantly asked my good friend James for advice on how best to do it. I think that advice paid off, don’t you? The model was painted in generic acrylic paint (I think for actual paintings, not models) and follows a red white and blue theme, like the American or British flags (we call him Captain America Marine :p)

I really like how this guy came out, and I’m really proud of Sarah for doing it. He sits alone on my shelf, between several model planes, but I think I may give him a few buddies to ride with in the near future!

Sarah has bought herself some Fenrisian Wolves to paint, but she hasn’t gotten around to doing them yet. When she does, I’ll feature those on my blog too! No doubt they will look as good as the little biker!

Now, I’m going to rummage through my stuff and find what Lord of the Rings stuff I have! and maybe get some painting done! I wish all of my followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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