Betrayal! By My Own Timekeeping!

First, I would like to apologise to you loyal readers for the month break. In that month, some stuff happened, followed by a small crisis, which in turn led to an event…which led us here…

Also, I’ve been preparing to start my degree in September!


On the 24th and 25th of August, the Warhammer World Events Team are running a Horus Heresy event focusing on the betrayal at Istvaan III. The event is four games: 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 (not in that order) played over two days, and like all other Warhammer World Events, promises t be amazing!

I really wanted to go, but there was a problem: I do not have an Istvaan III army. I have a post-Istvaan V Raven Guard army in full Corvus-pattern (Mk6 or “Beakie”) Armour…

The problem went away, however, when I read the little bit of text in the event pack that said you could take any Legion you wanted. Brilliant!

Then I had to figure out a list and paint it. After several weeks agonising over a Drop Pod army that despite its effectiveness I’d have hated using, I decided on a more fast-moving Infantry based army (no spoilers yet!) List ready, ticket and hotel booked, it became time to build and paint my force!

Fast forward a few weeks, and a few test games that didn’t go my way but were still thoroughly enjoyable, we arrive at today – 1.15am on the 15th of August…D-Day minus 9…

I am so, SO screwed!

I had hoped to be nearly done by now, but mucking about with my list and waiting for some last minute components to arrive has put me vastly behind schedule, to the point that the army might be painted, but not weathered by the time we leave…

To give you an idea, here is my project sheet, which details just how far up the creek I am, and how far behind me I left the paddle…


So you can see, I’m beginning to feel the pressure…

On the plus side everything in the “To Paint” section is base-coated and highlighted so they only need detailing before they go into the “To Base” section. Details and bases, I want to do I large batches, though, and let’s be fair… I can do that the night before the event… I CANNOT afford to be building that night!

Aside from a short stint in the garden doing some weeding tomorrow, I plan to spend the entire day glued to a Painting Station working on my army! If you are at Bluewater Shopping Centre and hear someone loudly cursing Mechanicus Standard Grey, do not be alarmed – it is only me! (Though you may wish to hurry to Games Workshop with a bottle of Pepsi, or things will get ugly!)

I will post an update, hopefully with finished models, either tomorrow (or later today now, I suppose), or Saturday! I WILL finish this in time!

Wish me luck boys and girls! I need it!


2 thoughts on “Betrayal! By My Own Timekeeping!

  1. Good luck mate, I’ve got a lot still to do a swell (for my mates army!)

    Check your points and lists as well, it’s 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000!

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