Update the third! With picture!

So I promised you all an update the moment I finished my test model, and here he is. He’s still lacking arms, but it gives you an idea of what I want my guys to look like (note the equipment packs and pistol holster making him look a little more Veteran-y).DSC01034The red needs washing down a little, perhaps darkening the base colour. I’m quite happy with the bone armour, though. It’s been suggested I do the detail work in a dark blue, I’ll see how it looks when I glue his arms on.

Ooh! Also! I settled on a list with a few minor variations to the original to give me some more anti-horde dakka, as I have a funny feeling I’m going to be facing more Zombies than are in any movie I’ve ever seen!

Company Command Squad: Vox, Autocannon, Astropath, Power Fist (Captain), Carapace Armour
Veteran Squad 1: Sniper Rifle x3, Autocannon, Vox, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 2: Sniper Rifle x3, Autocannon, Vox, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 3: Meltagun x3, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 4: Meltagun x3, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 5: Grenade Launcher x3, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 6: Grenade Launcher x3, Grenadiers
Valkyrie Squadron: Valkyrie x2, Multiple Rocket Pods x2, Heavy Bolters x2
Vendetta Squadron 1: Vendetta x1
Vendetta Squadron 2: Vendetta x1
Aegis Defense Line: Comm Relay

The addition of Carapace Armour to the Aegis Line Squads makes me feel a lot better, as it means if someone comes along with a Flamer or six, I have a chance at keeping some stuff alive. Obviously Heavy Flamers or Flamestorm Cannons will still ruin my day, but that’s the risk I’m going to have to take. At least the army’s going to look cool as it burns! Hopefully I’ll get enough holsters and pouches together this week to finish getting the models undercoated so I can at least assemble the Special Weapons and get some playtest games in before Christmas (fat chance!)

At least everything is mostly built now… and my list is finalised…

It’s going to be a race to the finish… no matter how hard I try to get these things finished in time, it’s always down to the wire!


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