Throne of Skulls Update

Well boys and girls, with eight weeks before Throne of Skulls January 2013, you see this gamer with a small issue.

I can’t decide what to take.

I have my Raven Guard and my Imperial Navy/Imperial Guard available, and a friend of mine has offered to loan me the use of his Sisters of Battle, to which (and he’s still smug about this) I lost 1500pts of Raven Guard for the loss of an Immolator and 7 Sisters of Battle. Fate (or Tzeentch) really pissed on me from on high that night! He described the battle as like kicking a puppy!

The problem is that I’m rather…well…disenchanted with the idea of bog standard Space Marines right now. The Codex is six years old, and unlike Codices like Tau and Black Templars, haven’t yet become old enough to turn broken again…there are…some…lists that work, but they’re either done to death like Kantor/Sternguard armies, or just not me, like Vulkan-led Salamanders. You’d think that he’d be busy enough searching for lost relics without having to fight in every Salamanders army on the entire planet!

The Guard aren’t even assembled yet (eep!), and recently I’ve been mulling over different paint schemes. I like the one I settled on last week, but so many more are out there and are equally as cool, and now I can’t decide!

Also, for some odd reason, Tau seem to be screaming at me. Perhaps because two people I play with regularly have just started their own Tau armies? Failing that, my Sanguinary Guard are finished…though a twenty model army at Throne of Skulls…maybe not!

Grrr… I have a nasty feeling I’ll just have to get 1500pts of each together in a case, and choose one at random before I leave!

On a more productive note: I worked out a hobby calendar for late 2012/early 2013. It details how much time I will dedicate to get all my myriad projects finished and out of the way before my twenty-fourth birthday! Currently I’m looking at dedicating two months to each, though I know for certain that neither of my Lord of the Rings forces will take that long (and before anyone asks, NO, I will not be expanding when The Hobbit is released on Saturday!) That leaves my Marines to be finished-finished, the Guard should be done by January, and my poor long-suffering Dark Elves that really need finishing after all the conversion work I’ve done on them…

At least I won’t need any new stuff for a long time now, if ever!

Now I’m going to go back to planning my next few blog posts, some of which may go off on a radical tangent and have nothing GW-related at all! This isn’t a Warhammer blog, it’s a general wargaming blog, and I think it’s about time I start diversifying a little 🙂

Until next time 🙂


7 thoughts on “Throne of Skulls Update

  1. Paul.

    I’d go with the Saginary Guard army without a secound thought (if I had mine painted i’d use em a lot more). With a 2+ save and feel no pain they will make a nightmare of themselves.

    You’ll just have to watch out vs those massed armies of cultists and guard

  2. Oi! How much do you plan on bringing over here?! You better build me an awesome gaming computer if you plan on taking up so much space. 😉

  3. +1 for the Nipplewing! I played this army during the last few weeks very very often and I pretty much like the surprised look on my enemies’ faces when they see this small army AND finally have to realise, that this is an army of “Terminators with Wings and FnP”. And it is just as Swampy said: 2+ and FnP in combination are a nightmare for nearly every opponent 😉
    So I’d say: Go for Gold *Thumbs up*


    1. The problem is, with Power Axes and Fists now being the only way to dent Terminators, I have to sacrifice my paltry Initiative of 4 for an even worse Initiative of 1…something hits me with an I2 AP2 weapon, I die. FNP against everything is nice, but on a 5+ it hardly seems worthwhile any more…

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