Well boys and girls, it is time to reveal my big surprise project for Throne of Skulls!

I will be taking an Imperial Guard army, though with a difference. Long-term readers will know I once did Elysians, and I could continue with these (maybe one day I will), but I’m going to have a little bit of a change and do something a little different. This is not to say that I won’t be fielding a stupid amount of Valkyries, but the theme will be a little different – I’ve decided to base the force around around the Imperial Navy, both in aircraft and personnel. Armsmen, Marines, Naval Special Forces…not entirely sure…but I think they’re going to look really cool!

So first, the list:

Company Command Squad: Vox, Lascannon, Astropath, Power Fist (Captain)
Veteran Squad 1: Sniper Rifle x3, Lascannon, Vox
Veteran Squad 2: Sniper Rifle x3, Lascannon, Vox
Veteran Squad 3: Meltagun x3, Demolitions, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 4: Meltagun x3, Demolitions, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 5: Grenade Launcher x3, Grenadiers
Veteran Squad 6: Grenade Launcher x3, Grenadiers
Valkyrie Squadron: Valkyrie x2, Multiple Rocket Pods x2, Heavy Bolters x2
Vendetta Squadron 1: Vendetta x1
Vendetta Squadron 2: Vendetta x1
Aegis Defense Line: Comm Relay

Company Command and Squads #1 and #2 hide behind the wall. Squads #3 and #4 ride in the Vendettas, while #5 and #6 in the Valkyries or deploy behind the wall depending on opponent. All being well, the reserves turn up on a 2+ with a reroll on turn 2.

All going badly, I auto-lose turn 1 😛

On to the models themselves:

My plan is to use the Forge World Hostile Environment Cadians, as they’re quite sturdy (more than the Elysians), look really cool, and are sufficiently different from the bog standard Cadians to be noticeable. The paint scheme should help make them even more distinctive. I might not win best army, or indeed any games, but I intend to turn some heads!

The paint scheme I’ve decided upon is the same paint scheme the US Navy had on VF-111 aka “The Sundowners”. Off white/grey fuselage and wings, with a sun emitting rays of light in red on the tail. Add Shark Mouth and Nose Art as required.

To give you an idea, here is a photo of a Sundowners F-4 Phantom that I will be using as a reference:

I think it’ll certainly be a lot brighter than most armies you see! As for how I’ll paint the actual Guardsmen…well…we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, shall we?

Well…that’s enough information for now! I’ve got two Valkyries built, now I need to get on with the Vendettas! I’ll post progress as and when I make any! I still need the Forge World bits to arrive, and decals/transfers for the big NAVY stamps that will be plastered all over the aircraft 😛

Next issue: maybe some progress! 😛


3 thoughts on “Liftoff!

  1. I like it, I think that you have enough squads to survive turn 1, especially with that Aegis, so I don’t think that you have to worry about that. I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for it in January – Rampage

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