The Journey Begins!

Well folks, I made my decision!

I won’t tell you what it is yet, because I have to build, paint, test and tweak the 1500pt army before January 18th. This will not be an easy task by any means given work and social commitments, let alone the madness that is Christmas Shopping, Christmas itself and New Year.

Though I cannot tell you yet what it is (and those in the know I ask to keep quiet), I am very excited about this project – it’s something I did a long time ago, and am looking forward to revisiting it with my vastly improved (believe me when I say just HOW vast) modelling, painting and gaming skills. I think that even if this army does not make it to Nottingham in January, it’ll certainly look cool when it’s finished! Potentially suitable for a display of some form. Armies on Parade 2013 anyone?

Oh God… I’m going to need more paint… and a compressor for my airbrush…  If the bloody thing works properly in this weather! (For those outside the UK, recently down south here in Kent/London it’s been cold, wet and windy – hardly prime spraying conditions!)

Also, I may need to consecrate this army somehow… just so I don’t do dismally badly…

Given the amount of Necron flyer armies (as a friend of mine has dubbed ‘”Cron Air” (insert witty Nicholas Cage reference here!)) I believe I may need an Aegis Line with a Quad Gun… or something equally killy…

So I shall spend the remainder of the night planning, plotting and scheming while I await my better half’s return from work.

Next time, the prototype list and some advanced recon on the kind of lists currently attending Throne of Skulls!


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