Indecisions, Indecisions…

Yup, the title says it all…

I have a problem…

On the morning of January 19th 2013, I will be attending my second Throne of Skulls event. I attended the January 2012 event, and due to a run of poor luck and theme over competetiveness with my list, I came fourth from bottom, and of the group I went with, stone dead last! As long-term readers might remember, the blog fell silent after that weekend as I pondered my wargaming future. I was disappointed to the point of depression by how badly my beloved Raven Guard had done, and for a while it seemed they would be consigned to the great gaming case in the sky, or more likely – eBay.

I’m glad they didn’t all go bye-bye, as I’ve put an awful lot of work into them (even though 6th kinda trashed them – DAMN YOU WARD!) The problem I face now, is do I dare give them a second chance? My Alpha Strike list is out, and most of my other cunning and devious tricks don’t work so well in 6th Edition. So what do I do?

I think I’m quite lucky in that I have a large circle of friends who are either gamers themselves, former gamers, or just people who like to theorise army lists. The problem is, the more friends I ask, the more different opinions I recieve. Result = one confused wargamer!

Try as I might, I can’t find a competetive list I like. I can write them from now ’til forever, but something feels “wrong”. It’s been mentioned that I don’t usually play “competetive” armies, and I’m not that kind of gamer. I tend to agree, but not too much – my Throne of Skulls ticket was £60 and the hotel was just over £100! I’m determined not to let this be an expensive waste of time.

I worked out what I thought was quite a nifty Salamanders Drop Pod army today, seven Drop Pods containing between three and eight Scoring Units depending on mission and Combat Squadding. The issue is the lack of anti-flyer defense. If I come across the 7/8 Necron flyer list and I don’t shoot him off the board turn 1, I’m stuffed! Lots of burny flamer-y/melta-y death though. Oh and Vulkan He’stan… Made me feel a little dirty though, and all that green! So much green!

So…do I just paint Vulkan black and give him a beaky helmet? Call him their Master of the Forge or something? Is that so wrong as to be goaded for? Is it cheese? Do I really care?

Still…it was cheaper than Orks… Though the idea of 20 Bikes, 3 Flyers and 2 Looted Wagons zooming around the battlefield DOES appeal… maybe that’s a project for later?

Perhaps Tau… NO! Bad!

If anyone has some constructive advice, please, I’m all ears! Hopefully by next entry, I’ll have a firm idea of what I want to take…

If not, the next few months could get VERY interesting…


3 thoughts on “Indecisions, Indecisions…

  1. Awesome, I’ll see you there then. I’ll keep an eye out for your army. I wasn’t pleased with my first Throne of Skulls performance either. It’s going to be my second Throne of Skulls too – Rampage

  2. I’ll be bringing my Space Wolves with Imperial Guard Allies again. I’ll probably be wearing one of those GW Throne of Skulls T-Shirts. I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for you guys, and whichever army you decide to take 🙂 – Rampage

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