The Rambler’s First Birthday!

Well boys and girls, it’s been a long time coming, so much so I actually missed the ACTUAL date, but on the 24th of October 2012, the blog turned a whole year old!

In that year, there’s been some victory, an awful lot of defeat, some pessimism, a lot of moaning and probably far too much swearing for a blog that I know has several readers under the age of sixteen šŸ˜›

I’ve also proven that even the best and worst of us can have radical changes in luck, and that fate isn’t just a cruel mistress, she’s actually a rather large bitch!

I’ve come a long way since last year, I attended my first Throne of Skulls, getting horribly smashed in the process; I bought, sold, then re-acquired an Elysian Drop Troops army for far less than it was worth; I’ve written army lists that made me shudder at the thought of using them, and I’ve put off painting more of my Raven Guard for far longer than the little buggers deserve. Oh, and I’ve made thirty-six blog posts (thirty-seven if you include this one!) Yes, that only averages three a month, but my original aim was one a week and I’ve almost kept that promise!

Some of you are probably asking “so what’s in store for the blog’s second year?”, and the answer is: I really don’t know! With Sixth Edition out, I expect there to be far more 40k to play, though I’m considering going back to Fantasy. There will be the odd Aeronautica article, some bits and pieces about general hobby, and once I’ve picked it up, a review of the new Star Wars game by Fantasy Flight Games!

Oh, I will also be returning to the grim North to try Throne of Skulls again in January, and hopefully not get stomped on this time!

But that is enough for this special Birthday edition of the blog. I thank each and every one of my readers for their support, and the 3,000+ views I’ve recieved this year. So here’s to another year, and another 3,000 views!

Happy birthday blog, have some cake!


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