2,000 views and a “Krak”ing report!

Good evening boys and girls!

First, I would like to thank you all for your continued following of my ramblings! This blog would’ve fallen flat on its face from day one without you!

Second, I tried a new list this week – one that relied on annihilation of the enemy through careful placement of Krak Missiles (hence the title!)

A gamer locally has started an Eldar army. Now, I don’t like Eldar, but I’ll make exception for a cool themed and well painted list. What I ended up with was a Saim-Hann army (known for Jetbikes, Vypers and Shining Spears) painted as an Alaitoc army (famed for scouts). I thought it was a little odd…

Still, my opponent had tried really hard to get the models done well, and the overall look wasn’t terrible – in fact with a little work it’d be quite cool when it was finished.

Unfortunately, the list I’d brought was a list I thought looked cool, so had a silly amount of Skimmers and Flyers in it.

Enter the bastardly flying Blood Angels:

  • Librarian – Shield of Sanguinius, Blood Lance
  • 3x 6 Sniper Scouts w/ Camo Cloaks
  • 3x 2 Land Speeder Typhoon w/Multimelta
  • 2x Storm Raven w/ Typhoon Launcher and Assault Cannon

It looked REALLY cool though, which was the basis behind the original idea. The cost of said looks may well be my immortal soul, but I wasn’t using it anyway!

So, onto the report!

1500pts BA vs Eldar

Eldar Army

  • Autarch on Bike
  • 2x 10 Guardian Jetbike
  • Shining Spears
  • 2x Vyper Squadron
  • 2x Fire Prism
  • Pathfinders

Mission: Scouring
Hammer and Anvil (2nd)
Princeps of Deceipt

Turn 1: The Eldar move forwards with a sudden surge of speed, managing to land glancing hits on two Land Speeders. The Shining Spears prepare to charge the forward unit of Scouts, though fail by a fraction of an inch.

The return fire is a lot more spectacular, three bikes from each Guardian unit are killed, two from the Shining Spears. Unfortunately, none of them have the decency to retreat.

Turn 2: The two glanced Speeders are both destroyed, giving my opponent First Blood and a bonus Victory Point for killing a Fast Attack choice. The Shining Spears also manage to kill a Land Speeder.

The Ravens arrive. Massed missile fire destroys three Vypers, and badly mauls the Guardian Jetbikes, who now have the grace to run away!

Turn 3: The remaining Speeder from the unit the Shining Spears charged earlier on is stunned, and then explodes. The Eldar succeed in annoying some Marines, but cause no further damage.

The Storm Ravens, in a brilliant display of overwhelming underwhelingness, kill a single Jetbike. The Speeders and Scouts concentrate their fire on the Shining Spears, leaving the Autarch to flee alone.

Turn 4: Another Speeder is ruthlessly blown from the sky, while the second loses its Multi-Melta. In return, the Speeder kills the Autarch while the Librarian’s Blood Lance kills the last Jetbikes from the closest unit.

Turn 5: The sixth and final Land Speeder is finally shot down.

The Storm Ravens enter hover mode, destroying a Fire Prism and the last Guardian Jetbike. The Snipers, not devoid of targets, destroy the final remaining Vyper.

Turn 6: Though Turn 6 was rolled for, my opponent then threw in the towel.

Eldar: First Blood, 3x Fast Attack units destroyed – 4
Blood Angels: 3x Objectives (4, 3, 3), 3x Fast Attack units destroyed, Slay the Warlord – 14

This was a rather hollow victory, and unfortunately the gittish list that was absolutely amazing under Fifth Edition was a little less so this time around. Speeders only having two Hull Points and being Armour 10 makes them a magnet for anything that isn’t a Lasgun, and a 5+ Jink save isn’t exactly spectacular.

Still, I believe the list is viable, but I think I need to be more cautious, especially if I do not have first turn.

My opponent made a fair few mistakes that may have hindered his ability to compete. Putting all his Shuriken Cannons near the front, and his Pathfinders in a position where they were nowhere near an objective contributed heavily to the loss. Still, it’s a new list for him, and I hope he works out the kinks.

I’ll be playtesting the list again soon, against a different army. Hopefully the list will be just as successful, if not, it’ll still look cool!



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