Fly My Pretties! Fly!

Before you ask, no, I haven’t gone mad…well maybe a bit…

Last post, I promised some Battle Reports featuring the Storm Eagles. I say Storm Eagles, I mean Storm Eagle…singular…mostly because at 285 points apiece, they’re rather…well…expensive. Admittedly if I didn’t run two Storm Talons too, I could manage it – but the Talons are cheap, cheerful, expensive, and really rather cute. Plus, fielding one either side of the Eagle looked, well, epic!

Shall we see how they did?

Raven Guard Army:

  • Librarian
  • 2x Tactical Squad w/ Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Rocket, Power Fist
  • 1x Scout Squad w/ Telion
  • 2x Dreadnought w/ Plasma Cannons
  • 2x Storm Talon w/ Lascannons
  • 1x Storm Eagle w/ Lascannons

Game #1 – 1500pts vs Orks

Ork Army:

  • Warboss
  • Big Mek
  • Kommando Mob
  • ‘Ardboyz in Trukk
  • Nobz in Trukk
  • Meganobz in Trukk
  • Flash Gitz
  • Deff Dred

Mission: Crusade
Deployment: Vanguard (1st)
Warlord: Legendary Fighter

Turn 1: The two Dreadnoughts stomp forwards towards the Deff Dred. Plasma Cannons knock off a Hull Point, while a Sniper Rifle knocks off a second.

The Orks move forward, the Deff Dred tries to fire its Kustom Mega Blasta, rolls a 1, Overheats, rolls a 1 again, and dies! Oops…

Turn 2: All my flyers arrive (this should be fun!) The Librarian and his Tactical Squad move forwards via Gate of Infinity while one of the Dreadnoughts takes out a Trukk and the Storm Eagle makes a mess of the Flash Gitz mob.

The Nobz, angered by the destruction of the Meganobz’ trukk, charge the Dreadnought and kill it, albeit suffering several (well, two) losses among their own ranks.

Turn 3: One Talon takes out a Trukk and the remaining Trukk is killed by the Tactical Squad hiding in a building. The Storm Eagle swings around and kills a handful of Nobz in revenge for the Dreadnought, and fires its Vengeance Launcher into a squad of ‘Ardboyz…causing 22 wounds on a squad of 11 (including the Mek). Nothing but spare body parts remained in the resulting crater. The remaining Dreadnought then promptly charges in and finishes the Nobz mob.

The Kommandos arrive, and manage to knock one Scout out of his building with shooting. The Flash Gitz (all two of them) charge, one is cut down by a Melta shot while the other runs head-first into the Librarian’s Force Sword and gets decapitated.

Turn 4: The Librarian and Tactical Marines charge the Meganobz while the Storm Eagle swoops in on the Flash Gitz and kills seven out of eight. Only the Nob remains. Two Meganobz are killed for the cost of three Space Marines (go Sergeant!)

The lone Kommando attempts a charge against the Scouts, only to take a Krak Missile to the face, killing him stone dead. (I will point out that this makes my Scout Rocket chappy somewhat of an Overwatch beast, killing James’ Dark Angel Captain two games in a row, and now a Kommando Nob too!) The Warboss and the Librarian, locked in a duel to the death, slugged it out blow for blow. The Warboss’ Big Choppa caused one wound, while the Librarian’s Force Weapon cleaved the alien in two, ending the game!

Raven Guard: 1x Objective, First Blood, Slay the Warlord, 1x Challenge Kill (Warboss) = 6VP
Orks: 0VP

Game 2: 1500pts vs Eldar

Eldar Army:

  • Autarch
  • Warp Spiders
  • Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
  • Fire Dragons in Wave Serpent
  • War Walkers
  • Rangers
  • Guardians
  • Aegis Line with Quad Gun

Mission: Crusade (4)
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil (1st)
Warlord: Tenacity

Turn 1: The Scout Squads weather a lot of firepower from Rangers and Guardians, losing 1 Scout of 6.

Shooting accomplishes bugger all, but the Dreadnoughts charge forward and wreck a Wave Serpent, killing two of the Dragons inside.

Turn 2: Spiders and War Walkers arrive. Supposedly “ballsy” moves are made to ensure the Librarian and his mates are thrown off their objective. Telion and 2 Scouts are killed while both Dreadnoughts explode, killing several Dragons and Avengers on the explosion. The Avengers run away like the pointy-eared wimps they are. The Librarian and his mates weather an awful lot of fire from just about everything in my Deployment Zone, but cling on thanks to their Feel No Pain from the Tenacity trait.

Then the Talons turned up, and did nothing.

Turn 3: The Tactical Squad are all killed off, while the Librarian and Autarch fail to do anything to each other in their challenge.

The Eagle arrives! The Talons wipe out the Dire Avengers while the Eagle takes out some of the Fire Dragons. In their bunker, the remaining Tactical Squad destroy a Serpent and in true Space Marine fashion, the Librarian Force Weapons the Autarch (that’s two characters in two challenges!).

Turn 4: The Librarian kills the remaining Warp Spiders, although one of those is from the remaining Elf failing his Dangerous Terrain roll AND save when fleeing. I also lost a Talon while trying to dislodge the Rangers. Also, the Librarian cocked up his Gate move, and is subsequently killed…

Turn 5: The Talon and Eagle draw a lot of fire, while concentrating on killing the Rangers. The Rangers JUST pass their Ld check, and hold on to their objective as the game ends.

Raven Guard: 1x Objective, Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker = 6
Eldar: 2x Objectives, Slay the Warlord = 7

Both games went rather well, I think. The Eagle certainly proves effective against an army without dedicated AA, but against the Eldar (with their silly cheesy firepower of doom) I was a lot more hesitant and maybe didn’t use it to its full effectiveness. That being said, it’s a 285pt block of “shoot me!” Though it’s cool, that’s a lot of points to sink into a single model (though it boasts near-Land Raider stats). I also can’t use it in tournament play, so I need to figure out what to replace it with.

Overall though, both games were very enjoyable. That Eldar game was one of the closest either I or my opponent have had for a very long time, and I can’t help but think what would’ve happened had the game gone to Turn 6…

As usual I hope you enjoyed reading this article, until next time!


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