The Pain of Twins!

Now, before anyone asks, I haven’t suddenly become a father twice since my last post! Well…not quite.

I have however, built both of my Storm Eagles, who shall now forever be known as “The Twins”.  Since construction started sometime last Friday evening and through the following Saturday, several less-than-appropriate twin jokes were thrown around by friends and colleagues alike. However, joking aside – the Storm Eagle could well be considered for the following reason: growing up, it’s a pain in the arse! But when it’s grown up it’s amazing and you’re proud of it!

To give you an idea – though I was lucky in the fact there was very little in the way of warpage, some of the pieces just did not line up. One of them has a mouth that looks like a child with only the front few sets of teeth, leaving a gummy black hole either side of its mouth when it smiles. The back end isn’t much better either, if my butt had a hole that big in it, my Large Intestine would have fallen out years ago! The other had all sorts of minor quirks that prevented the model going together quite right – most of these were rectified with a large amount of hot water, patience and my own body weight in elastic bands! That being said, the instructions were actually very good for Forge World, and though yes, some of you may say “but men don’t use Instructions!” – when it’s a model this big, yes you bloody do!

Though they took me on average six hours each to build, and were more difficult than a Revenant Titan or the Thunderhawk, once I’d soldiered on past the stage where I wanted to throw them out the window or trade them for Elysians or maybe even *gasp!* a Fantasy Army, I was left with a feeling of pride and achievement. I was, however, rather despondant about the sheer amount of Superglue and Green Stuff I’d had to use. Though the models do need a little more filing down and gap filling (along with cockpit details, the pilot, the canopy and the doors), I am very happy with how they’ve come out.

And just like any proud father would do, here are some pictures:

Storm Eagle #1 under construction

Storm Eagle #2 under construction

It’s twins!

And now, that done, I’m going back to my pot of Liquid Greenstuff, my nearly-exhausted supply of Kneadite and a large bottle of Pepsi to get these ready for priming tomorrow!

Coming next edition: One of the Eagles makes her Battle Report debut!


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