The Angels Fly Again!

Hello there boys and girls!

It’s been 19 days since my last blog post, which is terrible and I apologise for leaving regular readers hanging for so long.

Before I begin, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of this blog, indeed sometimes it has been your support alone that kept me going through the rough transition to Sixth Ed (you people know who you are!).

That done, I’d like to get on with this article’s Battle Report (I win in this one!). Though the losing streak with my Raven Guard ended sometime earlier in July, I’d left my notepad at home and so the results were unrecorded.

Speaking of notebooks, look what my girlfriend made me as part of my birthday present:


Warhammer-themed notebooks for me to write on! How cool are those?!

Skeptics among you will say that it’s just part of a box put on the front of a notepad. Well, yes, that’s true, but frankly I don’t care because I think they’re awesome and now I don’t need to worry about new pads. My old one is full of blog stuff, and now I have two new small ones for blog bits, and a big one for random writings that may one day see me published as an author.

Where was I? Oh yes! Battle report! Are you sitting comfortably?

1500pts Blood Angels vs Dark Angels

My list:
Commander Dante
The Sanguinor (Warlord)
Sanguinary Guard Squad – Banner, Infernus x2, Power Fist
Sanguinary Guard Squad – Infernus x2, Power Fist
Sanguinary Guard Squad – Infernus x2, Power Fist
Sanguinary Priest x3 – Jump Pack x3, Power Weapon x3, Melta Bomb x3

Yes, twenty models of golden-nippled goodness. It’s the army I use for shits and giggles.

James’ Army

Librarian (Warlord)
2x Tactical Squad in Rhino
Assault Squad
Venerable Dreadnought
2x Land Speeder Typhoons

Altogether a more balanced and/or competetive list.

Mission: The Emperor’s Will
Dawn of War (2nd)
Warlord: Master of Tenacity

Turn 1: Night Fighting in effect, this could save my intricately-designed and well-polished butt here! The Dark Angels move forwards steadily and carefully, no shots are fired. That’s good… I think… The Speeders and Vindicator on my right flank could pose a problem.

Much strategic moving and running in my turn (notably AWAY from the Vindicator and the Speeders), all failed Dangerous Terrain tests rended undeadly by Armour Saves now. Yay for armoured boots! The Sanguinor tries to charge a Land Speeder 10″ away, and rolls a 9″. Bugger…

Turn 2: The Dark Angels shooting phase is largely ineffective, knocking a wound off the Sanguinor. Half way through my Turn 2 was when we realised he’d forgotten his Vindicator AND both Land Speeders. I breathed a small sigh of relief and James cursed maybe a little bit πŸ˜›

My turn 2 was somewhat deadlier. Many charges were declared, some made it, some didn’t. Dante and his squad wiped out the Tactical Squad and the Librarian, the Sanguinor carved a rather large chunk out of the Assault Squad, and the Venerable Dreadnought, damaged by shooting, fell over in a steaming pile of scrap when a Krak Grenade glanced its last Hull Point off…

Turn 3: This is where things get a little ridiculous. The Dark Angels took a very “fuck it” attitude and started throwing Rhinos at me. This is normally a tactic I would be using, and now James is doing it… he’s learning πŸ˜›

The Rhino surged forwards, only to be blown to tiny pieces by an Infernus Pistol. The explosion, however, wounds 4 Assault Marines, the Sanguinor AND a Sanguinary Guardsman. The Assault Squad escape unscathed, but the Sanguinor has a chunk of caterpillar track lodged in his spine, and the Sanguinary Guardsman has been decapitated by a flying door! The Typhoons (that he remembered this turn) decided to take pot shots at Dante’s unit, whittling them down some. In return, the Sanguinor wipes out the remaining Assault Marines and decides to go Speeder hunting.

By now, things are looking rather bleak for the Dark Angels. The Vindicator and Speeders are in my Deployment Zone, watching their bretheren being hacked limb from limb in THEIR deployment zone. (Yes, this was a 6″x6″ table believe it or not!) The Sanguinary Guard are free to pick and choose their fights now, while the Sanguinor charges the Speeder he tried to get before, though fails to make any form of dent in it. (I was secretly hoping for a Hammer of Wrath penetrating hit to blow it up, but alas, it was not to be…)

Turn 4: For his efforts, the Sanguinor bravely took two Multimeltas and four Krak Missiles to the gleaming face before he finally gave up and fell to the floor in a smouldering pile of body parts and shiny armour. Elsewhere, James threw another Rhino at me, this one being stunned by another Infernus Pistol.

In revenge for the Sanguinor’s rather untimely demise, the rest of the army (thinned down to about 10 models now) decided to make a mess. The Rhino and Whirlwind were both destroyed rather efficiently, and the five-man Combat Squad on his objective was summarily butchered in a way only Blood Angels manage.

James then, rather sensibly, chucked in the towel.

Blood Angels: Slay the Warlord (1), First Blood (1), Linebreaker (1) = 3
Dark Angels: Slay the Warlord (1) = 1

In all an enjoyable and rather close game. I knew going for the Objectives was rather risky, as it meant keeping my men in one place and he had more firepower than I did. I figured I’d get shot off the board quite quickly, so my plan was simply to take as many models as I could with me. That’s how it worked in Fifth anyway. In Sixth though, the new wound allocation and Feel No Pain rules REALLY made a difference.

I would like to take a moment to thank Chris for letting us use his gorgeous cityfight board. Next time I’m over, I WILL take photos to show you all!

But for now, that is all! I will return with another fancy edition later this week.

Thank you all for reading!


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