Thunderhawk Refit – Part #1

I was planning to post some Battle Reports today, but the games I played made me angry, so quite simply I started to pull apart (or “refit”) the Thunderhawk in a long-planned move to redo the crew, and generally spruce the model up a little bit.

Here’s an image of the Thunderhawk when it was first finished, about two years ago (ignore the camera timestamp):

Here’s what happened after I pulled the canopy off… The Turbolaser had to come off too, mostly because I knocked it and it needs re-pinning now… (Oops…)

As you can imagine, it’s not going to be an easy job… Hopefully this time round I can highlight and weather properly πŸ˜›

Once I’d gotten the canopies off, I pulled out the old crew and rebuilt the new one with bits from a Storm Raven Pilot, an Assault Marine, the Thunderhawk Pilot and the Raven Guard Uograde Set.

I think they’ve come out rather well πŸ™‚

Tomorrow I’ll be dusting off the airframe and painting the canopy πŸ™‚


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