It’s The Final Countdown!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen! The time has come!

The time of ending! The time of rebirth!

All things end, and after four years we will soon bid farewell to our friend, Fifth Edition…

That’s right boys and girls, for those of you living under rocks, Sixth is almost here! Pre-orders go online in four hours (UK time), and the shiny new things are released on the 30th of June!


Fifth Edition, for me, has been the best so far. The rules were clear (usually) and simple (mainly), the gamers who played were knowledgeable (mostly) and pleasant (8 times out of 10).

Armies ranged from big to small, themed to competetive, fun to gittish. The players did too in some cases!

Games were always different, no two games (even with the same armies, missions and deployments) were ever the same, it was a much simpler time!


And now, those times are drawing to a close… A period of uncertainty follows…

And I need to get my Marines finished by Friday!

If anyone has any fond memories of fifth, or stories they wish to tell, please contact me and I’ll be delighted to hear them! Some of the better ones will feature in the next post, the final farewell to fifth…

So now I leave you with something that I felt was apt:

The ultimate in nineteen-eighties hair rock – Europe with “The Final Countdown”!


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