Paint? On Models? Surely not!

Hey guys!

This is just a quick one really to show all my loyal readers (that’s what? five of you? :P) that I can and do actually PAINT things 😛

This first post covers the first 750pts, used at Warhammer World yesterday. (Please excuse the picture quality on some of them, my camera isn’t great…

Shadow Captain Shrike – built using Korvydae body, Beakie helmet from the Raven Guard conversion kit, Assault Squad arms, Lightning Claws from the Terminator Assault Squad, Astaroth the Grim’s Jump Pack and a Chaos Lord’s base…

I think he came out rather well 🙂

Shrike and Assault Squad.

Scout Squad #1 and Land Speeder Storm. Sergeant’s Power Weapon is a Grey Knight Falcion pinned to a Scout Chainsword grip.

Scout Squad #2 and Land Speeder Storm. As before, Power Weapon is a Grey Knight Falcion pinned to a Scout Chainsword grip.

750pt Army Shot including Space Marine casualties as objective markers.

I know there is little/no highlighting on these models, but there is a reason for that. Firstly, I hate finelining and drybrushing with a passion. Secondly, I figure Raven Guard Power Armour should absorb light rather than reflect it (just like it has energy dampners and sound baffles), what with their modus operandi requiring them not to be seen or heard.

I’ll be adding more bits and pieces as I go, I reckon I still have another three thousand points to go before I add in the Thunderhawk… Either way, it’ll be fun 🙂

Thanks for looking, any comments or suggestions can be sent to the usual address:

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Paint? On Models? Surely not!

  1. Firstly, will you be posting the battle report from our game yesterday? (Nurgle army)
    Secondly i’m intrigued to know why you dislike dry brushing so much, I’ve dry-brushed every unit in that army at some stage.
    Nice conversion of shrike by the way.

    1. Indeed I shall be posting them, but my notes are kinda scribbly (I wrote them on the back of an army list) so I need to decipher them first.

      As for not liking drybrushing, I just feel it’s not something you should do on a Marine. The armour is too round. You can get away with it on things like Daemons, Guard and Tau though… so maybe I’ll do one of those armies next!

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