New toys and a small gripe…

Hello again readers, the blog returns once more, this time with me freshly returned from the exotic United States!

In the news this edition:

  • The Bluewater Store becomes one year older. Events are fun, staff are auctioned, cake is yummy!
  • Games Workshop release three new skimmers: The Space Marine Stormtalon, the Ork Bommer and the Necron Night/Doom Scythe.
  • A friend’s Grey Knight cheese list wins at Badab War campaign – we’re never going to hear the end of it!

So, new skimmers. I must admit, they’re all rather cool (for cool, see: geekgasm), but let’s go into some detail, shall we?



  • Assault Cannon as standard.
  • BS 5 if it remains still.
  • Ceramite Plating (suck that melta-spam!)
  • Aerial Assault special rule (Move 12” and fire everything.)
  • Can escort a unit arriving from reserve.


  • High points cost (130pts!)
  • Cannot escort a unit Deep Striking.
  • Cannot squadron (Booo!)
  • The model is hardly what you’d call pretty! (see: Potato with wings!)

Night/Doom Scythe


  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Pretty quick (36” flat-out.)
  • Can be used as a transport OR gunship.


  • Limited weaponry.
  • Looks like a Death Glider or Cylon Raider.
  • It’s a Necron vehicle (enough said!)

Ork Bommer


  • Can be built as one of three variants.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. (see: gorgeous!)
  • Lots of cool weapon options and upgrades.
  • Waaagh! Plane rule – Can fire twice as many shots as possible during a Waaagh!


  • I tried looking for a con, I really did! But like most Ork toys, there aren’t any I can see…

The general consensus on the internet has been that the Ork and Necron skimmers = win, and the Space Marine one = fail. I disagree. Change the weapons around about and the Stormtalon could look quite cool. I guess we’ll see when I get my hands on one next weekend 🙂

Now a bit of a gripe…

A friend (I won’t name names) has gone to the Badab War weekend in Nottingham. This is a narrative campaign, designed for people to have fun, not relentlessly beat the stuffing out of one-another to see who’s best.

However, this friend has taken a tournament-standard (and extremely beardy/cheesy) Grey Knights army. I’m sorry, did I miss the Grey Knights on the order of battle? I know the ruleset this time around was changed to allow non-Badab armies to boost ticket sales, but some people just enjoy taking the piss…

3 Psyfleman Dreadnoughts – I mean come on! What kind of person actually USES that?

Unsurprisingly, he’s won all three games – we’ll never hear the end of it! (Incidentally, this is a feat he has yet to manage with a fair and balanced list…)

Maybe some catastrophe will befall his Grey Knights tomorrow? I wonder if I can smuggle in some dice weighted to always roll ones? Maybe he’ll face six Leman Russ Demolishers, or a silly amount of Plasma Cannons?

Or maybe I’ll just theorise a list to take him down a peg or six?

Anyone up to the challenge?

Write me at the usual address: or grab me via alternative means if you know me personally, and we’ll work something out 🙂

Until next time!


One thought on “New toys and a small gripe…

  1. Does the Stormtalon look like a potato with wings? No. It looks like a wheelie bin with jet engines and guns. Will the Crimson Blades be getting one? Of course. Will Paul be at the club this week? That remains to be seen…

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