Throne of Skulls January 2012 – Day 2

Game 4 – White Scars

Mission: Seize Ground (5 Objectives)

Deployment: Spearhead

Pregame: Deployed first, Shrike & Co Infiltrating

Turn 1 – Shrike & Co. move up the left flank, but a botched run move means they’re out of assault range.

The resulting return fire sees Shrike, the Librarian and the entire Assault Squad gunned down, and Land Speeder “Red Two” immobilised.

Turn 2 – Shooting and Assault fails to dent the bikes. Scout Squad Branne is assaulted and wiped out by Khan and his friends.

Turn 3 – Predator “Umbra Mortis” shakes a Predator, but is then destroyed by its brother.

Turn 4 – Squads disembark from Rhinos while the transports rush forwards to block off objectives. Predator “Malifex Maximus” stunned and Tactical Squad Artaibo lose 4 Marines. Things aren’t looking particularly great about now…

Turn 5 – “Red One” burns for the objective while the Rhinos tank shock Bikes off of one. One Bike Sergeant is killed while Rhinos “Velox” and “Laevis” explode. “Red One” is shot down, and Squad Artaibo is assaulted by Khan.

If we roll a 1 or a 2 it’s a draw. He rolled a 3… Of course…

Turn 6 – Squad Grayvus charge bikes, drawing the combat. Khan wipes out what’s left of Squad Artaibo and clears objective.

Result: Loss

Game 5 – Thousand Sons

Mission: Capture and Control

Deployment: Dawn of War

Pregame: Deployed second. Scouts and Shrike outflank. Squad Artaibo and Rhino deploy on objective.

Turn 1 – Chaos Lord runs out on his own, and fails to damage the Rhino.

Rhino and Predators arrive, and the Chaos Lord takes a meltagun shot to the face.

Turn 2 – Raptors fail to arrive. Rhinos and Pred charge up and pop smoke. Rhino “Velox” explodes, killing one member from Squad Artaibo.

Shrike & Co. arrive. Predator “Umbra Mortis” kills the Chaos Land Raider and one Thousand Son in the explosion.

Turn 3 – Thousand Sons retreat back towards their objective while Squad Nironen are wiped out by massed AP3 fire.

Scout Squad Branne arrive. Predator “Malifex Maximus” destroys a Rhino. Shrike and Squad Branne assault, shredding the Thousand Sons they meet.

Turn 4 – The Raptors once again fail to arrive. Squad Branne is gunned down by more Thousand Sons, while Squad Artaibo flee from the objective, and off the board.

Shrike & Co. assault another Thousand Sons squad, and wipe them out.

Turn 5 – The Raptors finally arrive, and immobilise Speeder “Red One”. “Umbra Mortis” loses its autocannon.

Predators kill three of the Raptors and force them to flee, while the Scouts kill a Thousand Son with shooting. Shrike & Co. kill five Thousand Sons and run the rest down, and the game ends with my objective contested by two Predators, and his claimed by Shrike, the Librarian three Scouts and a depleted Assault Squad.


Post event thoughts: Though I really enjoyed my weekend, I feel my list suffered from not relying on cheese to win. Next time, I may have to run Shrike with Terminators, or run a Khan Outflanking list. Perhaps a Drop Pod list?

Either way, I’m glad I went and would recommend the event to anyone looking at playing 40k a bit more competitively.


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