MEGA Special Edition – Throne of Skulls Weeks #2 and #3 (Part 1)

Warning – epically long two-part post to follow, featuring eight, yes EIGHT Battle Reports!

Let us go back to the beginning, the fourth of now-twelve battles!

Test Game 4 – Raven Guard vs Grey Knights

Mission: Capture and Control (3 Objectives)
Deployment: Pitched Battle

Pregame – Rhino, Predator and Storm deploy on each flank. Shrike & Co. Infiltrate. Opponent reserves everything bar Vindicare Assassin, who deploys sneakily in a building.

Turn 1 – Strategically moving forwards, every weapon available fired at Vindicare…penultimate shot of the turn, from a Lascannon, finally brings him down. Raven Guard 2. Grey Knights 0.

Turn 2 – Moved strategically around the board for maximum coverage. Opponent gets Paladins and :and Raider on as reserves, firing at Shrike & Co. 3 Marines go down, a double 6 for Leadership followed by a triple 1 for fallback move. Raven Guard 2, Grey Knights 1.

Turn 3 – Shrike & Co rally and move towards Draigo and Paladins, supported by Scouts. Shrike is Force-Weapon’ed, and the squad cause 18 wounds…of which the Grey Knights lose one model. Combat lost by 1, everyone piles in.

Storm Raven and a lone Paladin arrive. The Paladin splits fire between the Predator and a Storm, annihilating the Storm but missing the Predator entirely. Assault Cannon fire kills the other Storm while Draigo and the Paladins butcher the Assault Marines and Scouts, who break and flee. Raven Guard 2, Grey Knights 1.

Turn 4 – Predator immobilises the Storm Raven, followed by a Krak Missile that finishes it off. A Bolt Pistol shot from the fleeing Scouts drops a Paladin. The return fire strips one Predator of one of its Lascannons. Raven Guard 2, Grey Knights 1.

Turn 5 – Draigo and Paladins advance through a hail of fire, and destroy a Predator with their Psycannons which leaves them short of the middle objective. The game ends, leaving me with a victory by the skin of my teeth. Raven Guard 2, Grey Knights 1.

Result: Win.

Test Game 5 – Raven Guard vs Necrons

Mission: Seize Ground
Deployment: Pitched Battle

Pregame: Shrike & Co Infiltrate. Rhinos and Predators deply on my left flank, with the Storms on my right.

Turn 1 – I managed to kill (as in, killed it so it STAYED dead) a squad of Scarabs…that was it…

The return fire saw Shrike & Co targeted by almost the entire Necron army. The sergeant and 6 other Marines are killed, while one Storm explodes and kills three Scouts. Raven Guard 1, Necrons 1.

Turn 2 – Toughness 6 is a bastard! Shrike & Co fail to assault, due to a nasty little piece of wargear called a Tremorstave… The Scouts kill a Cryptek in an Immortal unit.

I then see a Rhino stunned, and Shrike & Co come under heavy fire again. The Librarian and remaining Marines are fried by Tesla Fire, while Shrike himself is fired upon by 16 Necron Warriors and the Illuminor. Though he shrugs off the Gauss, a Strength 8 Ap2 hit is too much for him and he is reduced to a bubbling mess on the floor. The Scouts finish off the Immortals, while an exploding Rhino pins the Tactical Squad inside. Raven Guard 1, Necrons 1.

Turn 3 – Sod all stays dead to my shooting, so the remaining Scouts charge 20 Necron Warriors. One stays down, for the loss of four Scouts…the Sergeant is trapped and dies soon afterwards.

The Deathmarks arrive, marking two Scouts and rather brutally gunning them down. A Rhino explodes on my Left, while the other Storm explodes on my right and takes a Warrior with it…or not… One Spyder is killed in combat for the loss of two Tactical Marines, while the other squad kills 1 Lychguard for 7 dead Marines. Raven Guard 0, Necrons 1.

My first loss…wasn’t really sure how to fight these guys, but next time I’ll do better!

Result: Loss.

Test Game 6 – Raven Guard vs Imperial Guard (4’x4′ Board)

Mission: Seize Ground
Deployment: Pitched Battle

Pregame: Deployed second. Predators on right flank, Rhinos on left flank. Storms in the centre. Shrike & Co Infiltrate.

Initiative stolen!

Turn 1 – Moving up towards the gunline, cautiously at first. Scouts move towards the Demolisher. Predators deal with the Hydras while Shrike & Co launch a multiple assault against two Chimeras. Shrike wrecks one, pinning the squad inside while the Assault Marines and Librarian destroy the second – killing six of the Guardsmen inside, 2 of the pinned Guardsmen and a rather unfortunate scout. The squad breaks and flees.

The Guardsmen flee off the board, while the Leman Russ Demolisher Tank Shocks the Scouts. The Sergeant bravely stands before the tank, hurling a Melta Bomb that wrecks the main gun before being crushed under its treads. The standard Leman Russ fires at Shrike & Co, killing two Marines while the combined firepower of several Veteran Squads kill the full-strength Scout Squad. Raven Guard 1, Imperial Guard 0.

Turn 2 – Shrike seperates from his unit as the Rhinos move forward onto the objective. Combined Predator fire only manages to stun a Chimera, while Shrike Assaults the pinned Guardsmen. The Assault squad launch another multi-assault, shaking one Chimera and destroying another – killing an Assault Marine, wounding the Guard Commander and crucially killing the Medic. Shrike slaughters four Guardsmen and runs the remainder down.

The Valkyrie arrives from reserve behind the Predators, while the Demolisher withdraws and fires its Smoke Launchers. Meltagunners kill the Assault Marine Sergeant despite his Storm Shield, and three Scouts are killed by the Leman Russ’ Battle Cannon. The Librarian loses a wound to a Chimera Multilaser, and finally Predator #2 loses its Autocannon and is immobilised by the Valkyrie. Raven Guard 1, Imperial Guard 0.

Turn 3 – The remaining Scouts go for the Leman Russ, while Predators 1 and 2 fire at the Valkyrie – immobilising it and pulling off the Multilaser. The Scouts immobilise and stun the Leman Russ, while Shrike and the Librarian pair up to massacre the Imperial Guard Command Squad.

The Vendetta fails to arrive, though the Leman Russ Demolisher’s Heavy Bolter kills a single Scout, the Sergeant then lost his nerve and fled… Raven Guard 1, Imperial Guard 0.

Turn 4 – Shrike and the Librarian, still hunting, move towards the Demolisher. The Shooting Phase accomplishes nothing, but the newly-rallied Scout Sergeant kills the Leman Russ with a Melta Bomb while the Librarian manages to stun the Demolisher.

The Vendetta finally arrives, training all three Lascannons on a Rhino – stunning it. The Valkyrie finally manages to kill a Predator as Melta Veterans bring down one of the previously untouched Storms. The Demolisher finally meets its maker at the hands of the Librarian, he’s getting quite good at this tank hunting business! Raven Guard 1, Imperial Guard 0.

Turn 5 – The Vendetta loses a Lascannon and is Immobilised behind the Rhino and a mere five inches from the objective. Shrike, the Librarian and the lone Scout charge the remaining Veterans. The Scout is killed for several Veterans, who heroically hold their ground…for now…

The remaining Rhino loses its Storm Bolter, and Shrike massacres the remaining Veterans. Raven Guard 1, Imperial Guard 0.

Turn 6 – The Valkyrie is stripped of its weapons, and the Vendetta is stunned. As this is all my opponent has left, his turn is rather short… Raven Guard 1, Imperial Guard 0.

Turn 7 – The Vendetta loses another Lascannon, but manages to shake the Rhino in return. Raven Guard 1, Imperial Guard 0.

That went well…

I honestly think this game would’ve gone worse for me had we been on a full-sized board, although my opponent disagrees. It’s in close quarters that this army excels, and as has been mentioned to me before, a larger board simply means your opponent has another turn to hide before the inevietable…

Still…it was a fairly decent test of my army’s capabilities against a Throne of Skulls style army…and we both enjoyed out game, so everyone’s a winner really 🙂

Result: Win.

Results after 6 Games (W/D/L): 5/0/1. Not bad, not bad at all 🙂

Check back tomorrow for games 7 to 11, in which there might be rather a lot of swearing…


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