Thursday 10/11/2011 – On Interruptions and Punisher Cannons

Ok, so this week has been pretty slow when it comes to hobby activities for me, blame it on being busy and such!

So I did manage to get two games in, one of which was extremely aggravating for a variety of reasons, the other I had to apologise for afterwards. This second game was actually rather entertaining, but my opponent did spend most of the game covering his face and possibly in tears… Maybe I need to tone the army down a little?

Game 1 – Tuesday – 1500pts Elysians vs Blood Angels

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Result: Loss

Pregame – I deployed first with everything 12″ onto the board, my opponent was rather worried by the sheer amount of firepower levelled at his army. Now, the big decision…to scout or not to scout?


My opponent failed to steal the initiative, and so the game began!

Turn 1 – Vendetta #1 kills Storm Raven, Vendetta #2 and #3 shake the Land Raider but the Vultures are out of range.

Turn 2 – Vendetta #3 shakes Land Raider again, Vendetta #1 kills Furioso Dreadnought. Vendetta #2 charged and killed in combat, Vulture #1 also charged but gets away.

Turn 3 – Squads #2 and #3 disembark, Vendetta #3 shakes Land Raider, Vultures kill 4 out of 5 Assault Marines, and Squad #3 kills 3 Death Company… This is not good! I’m going to be assaulted!

Librarian and Apothecary between them account for Veteran Squad #2, while the Death Company stuns the Vendetta and rips off a Lascannon.

Turn 4 – Squad #3 is run down by the Death Com. An observer who then just arrived reminds opponent of a rule he had forgotten. People need to learn to mind their own business! I’m practicing for a tournament people! If my opponent forgets his rules, it’s not up to me to remind them! Nor is it for outsiders to interfere! The reminder makes Vendetta #3 get immobilised and Vendetta #2 is killed.

Turn 5 – Vulture #1 explodes, Captain kills the last remaining Death Company Marine, before being killed by the Chaplain.

The game ended with a rather foul taste in my mouth, and a resolution to never let people interfere in my games again! My opponent said “I wouldn’t want to win a game through forgotten rules.” – a noble thought, but as I said, I’m practicing for a tournament! So long as there’s no cheating involved, a win is a win no matter how it’s achieved!

Anyway, enough of that… Onto today’s game!

Game 2 – Thursday – 1500pts Elysians vs Deathwing

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Result: Win

Pregame – I deployed everything in a 36″ by 12″ space in one corner, taking advantage of the terrain just in case my opponent seizes the initiative. My opponent then does the same, deploying his Dreadnoughts behind a building and his Terminators behind everything he possibly can.

Is he scared?

I make a scout move with everything, making sure to put myself behind cover. I may need it if those Cyclones get to fire first… I’m not stupid!

Turn 1 – Vultures both move flat out to get into range. Vendetta #1 stuns his Land Raider while Vendetta #3 pulls off the Assault Cannons.

The return fire was a little less spectacular… His Multimelta misses Vulture #1, one of his Venerable Dreadnoughts fails to kill Vendetta #1 while Vendetta #2 is shaken by a Cyclone.

Oh dear oh dear…

Turn 2 – Veteran Squad #2 disembarks and immobilises the Land Raider with its Meltaguns. Vendetta #3 kills a Venerable Dreadnought, and Vendetta #1 kills the other (so much for the rerolls…) Vulture #1 kills 3 out of 5 Terminators, while Vulture #2 kills 2 of 5 from another unit.

And then he changes his dice! =P

Belial and his Command Terminators disembark…this may hurt!

Vulture #2 loses its Punisher Cannons, Veteran Squad #2 is annihilated and Vendetta #2 is immobilised…bloody multi assaults…

Turn 3 – Vendetta #3 takes the Multimelta off the Land Raider. Vulture #1 kills 3 of 3 Terminators in the already depleted squad. The Captain and his squad charge the Land Raider and shakes it with a Melta Bomb.

Belial splits off from his Squad and charges the Captain, only managing to kill one Veteran. My Captain hits back and wounds Belial twice, and in the resulting Fearless save the Dark Angel rolls a 1…oops! Elsewhere Vendetta #2 is stripped of its weapons before exploding, but sadly failing to kill anything in its death throes…

Turn 4 – Vendettas concentrate fire on, and fail to kill the Command Terminators. Vulture #1 inflicts 13 wounds on the 2 remaining Terminators…funnily enough they died…

My Captain then killed the Land Raider with a Melta Bomb.

In retaliation, Vulture #1 loses its Punishers to Storm Bolters and is then shaken by a Power Fist.

Turn 5 – Vendettas kill 2 of 5 Command Termies while the Command Squad charges the remaining Terminators and kill one. Three Command veterans die, leaving the Captain to flee…only to be gunned down in my opponent’s turn…


Turn 6 – My opponent is cursing again, as the remaining Vendettas unleash their firepower on the last remaining Terminators and vaporise both of them…

Oh dear oh dear…

So…Punisher Cannons…I had reservations with using these against Power/Terminator Armoured units, but the sheer weight of fire is certainly worthwhile! While they lack Anti-Tank punch, I have nine Twin-Lascannons, six Meltaguns, three Demo-Charges and thirty-one Melta Bombs for that…

I like this list! I think I shall have to keep it!

Though that means painting it =P

Until next time!


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