Thursday 27/10/2011 – The Rambler Ventures Northwards

So on the 27th of October, gamers and staff from Bluewater, Canterbury, Tumbridge Wells and Thurrock got together for a little competetive shindig at Warhammer World labelled as “The Inqusition Wars” – a 40k Campaign Weekend pitting Bluewater vs CanterburyTumbridge Wells vs Thurrock Team 1 vs Thurrock Team 2. In essence – a four-way royal rumble with store honour at stake.

Having deemed my visit purely to have fun and visit the Miniatures Hall, my list wasn’t 100% competetive despite several successes at Bluewater and Manufactured Conflict – the gaming group I often frequent on Tuesdays.

Game 1 – Raven Guard vs Imperial Fists

Mission: Capture and Control


Result: Draw

When I saw I was facing the Manager of Tumbridge Wells, I thought I was doomed. I’ve known him for years and I know how he plays, so I was hesitant. I knew, however, that it would be a good game, win, loss or draw. This was a pretty simple yet bloody affair that saw the end of Turn 7 come around with very little remaining on the board. Though technically I controlled both objectives, I controlled them with a lone Vanguard Veteran and a Venerable Dreadnought so not scoring units. In fact, there was not a single scoring unit left on the board! There was some abysmal shooting on both ends (A Venerable Dreadnought with Twin Lascannons missed twice in succession and apparantly my Vanguard Veterans can’t hit an Immobilised Dreadnought with Melta Bombs very well) but in all a good day and nice to see a former colleague again and finally have the game we had arranged two years ago.

Game 2 – Raven Guard vs Space Wolves

Mission: Seize Ground
Deployment: Dawn of War
Result: Loss

I don’t have anything to say about this match. It was a pretty poor Space Wolves army, and the player I faced didn’t even know an Independent Character had to be in base contact to fight. However, I made two critical mistakes – forgetting to Fleet with Shrike and Friends, and forgetting to Assault a Dreadnought against an Immobile Rhino and this (as cliche and whiney as it sounds) cost me the game. Final result was Two Objectives to One. This game left a rather foul taste in my mouth, and almost made me want to skip my third game and stay in Bugman’s for a few hours…

Game 3 – Raven Guard vs Necrons

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Result: Loss

This was a truly close and entertaining game, against a member of staff from Thurrock. There was some pretty poor rolling on each side in the shooting and combat phases but oh dear God! The Deciever is just the epitomy of evil! As are Necron Lords with Resurrection Orbs! I had to get my opponent down to 8 models with the  “Necron” rule remaining to cause Phase Out, but I couldn’t get him to fail a We’ll Be Back roll all game! His Necron Lord and Pariah Bodyguards took 6 rounds of combat to kill a single Venerable Dreadnought, by which point I had racked up four Kill Points against the rest of his army. However, at the end of the game, thanks to his jammy WBB rolls he had not only won by a single Kill Point, but he also only had 9 “Necrons” left.

Infuriating, but a nice guy who really liked the look of my army, and that I hadn’t turned up to squash people. Definately going to have to play this guy again!

Closing Thoughts

Though I am still very annoyed about Game 2, I thoroughly enjoyed Games 1 and 3. It was nice to play against some fantastically painted armies and some great opponents, all the while enjoying the atmosophere and making new friends (and catching up with old ones!) Considering that I didn’t put the army together to be competetive, losing both games by a narrow margin, I think I did rather well and next time I will be sure to bring a cheesy killy army solely designed to make people cry.

However, until then the Raven Guard will return to the shadows as I get some games in with either my Grey Knights, or my Imperial Guard.


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