Monday 24/10/2011 – On Outflanking and Assassins

Welcome to the first game report and result post!

Prepare for random musings about results, my opponents, and potential improvements to my army and tactics…

Game One – 40k 750pts Raven Guard vs Imperial Guard

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Mission: Capture and Control

2″x4″ Board…with Shrike…and Scouts…in Storms…

You can imagine how THAT went…

I outflanked everything, so my opponent reserved anything. Shrike turned up Turn 2 and hid behind a building while his Leman Russ, Hydra and two Veteran Squads in Chimeras showed up, and managed to kill all of one Vanguard Veteran with the Russ’ Battle Cannon. Shrike and friends then promptly dashed from cover towards his battle-line flanked by two newly-arrived Scout Squads. Two Storm Multimelta shots later, no more Leman Russ, and the Hydra is immobilised. Add in Shrike’s claws vs the Hydra, and 4 Krak Grenades and a Melta Bomb against each of the Chimeras…and there are suddenly bits of Guardsman raining from the sky!

Things kinda went to hell for him after that…

In the end, he had lost three Chimeras, his Company Command Squad, a Veteran Squad a Hydra and a Leman Russ. Five men out of twenty-five remained on the board, cowering in the wreckage of their Chimera. My losses – Two Land Speeder Storms, two Scouts and a Vanguard Veteran…

I remain unapologetic…

Game Two – WHFB 1500pts Dark Elves vs Tomb Kings

This was a rematch vs my opponent last week, in which I managed to do more damage to myself than he did to me through rather unfortunate casting rolls, and damage inflicted to my own units by killing his heroes. DAMN YOU CURSE OF THE TOMB KINGS!!!! *shakes fist madly!* Incidentally, this is also the guy whose Imperial Guard I had ripped to tatters earlier in the day…

What started off as a 1500pt 1v1 ended up as a 3000pt 2v2, with Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts facing off against Dark Elves and Skaven.

Musings – next time,  shared power/dispel pool! The Undead players simply had TOO MANY DICE! Not that it did them any good!

Also, I think reverting to my old Manbane/Rending Star Assassins is the way forward. Experimenting with a new wargear loadout was nice, but it simply did not pack the punch I required and resulted in the Assassin and his Shades losing combat and running away. Both of them!

Lore of Shadow remains a winner for my mounted Sorceresses…all I need now is for my opponents to fail their Initiative checks! It’ll happen someday I swear!

The game ended in a draw, hardly surprising…just how we thought we’d get a definitive result in an hour and a half is beyond me, but the game was fun nonetheless…

That’s all for now, being first post and all…I didn’t expect it to be brilliant or all that informative 😛 But fear not! I have a game tomorrow, which I shall document more thoroughly and give a decent rundown of events.

Until tomorrow!


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